7 Best Free Notification Bar WordPress Plugins

Best Free WordPress Notification Pluginss

Did you know that you could increase your sales or promote your best offers within your site through a notification bar at the top or bottom of your site? 

When we see advertisements or promotions of a product, we tend to check out the product’s promotions or the deal in detail. You can add a custom advertisement or announcement on the top bar of your site and ask them to subscribe to your email list to get the latest news about your site. 

Not only that but also using a notification bar on your website makes your visitor check out your desired pages, reducing your site’s bounce rate. If you run a blog site, you can show your latest post or last most viewed blog. Thus you can make them stay on your site longer. 

You can do all those stuff by installing a notification bar WordPress plugin. But choosing the right one is tricky for the availability of tons of notification bar plugins. 

To let you enjoy a good sale and promote your great deals, I have collected details about the 7 Best Notification Bar WordPress plugins. If you want to get more information, keep reading the post. 

7 Best Notification Bar WordPress Plugins


OptinMonster is the number one Marketing tool that includes tons of market-centric features to boost your sales and conversion. Among the tons of market-centric features, OptinMonster offers you a notification bar with lots of stunning templates.

Besides, you can also create a custom one or customize the existing one with their intuitive drag and drop builder. The most significant advantage of using this plugin over other plugins is that this plugin offers you advanced targeting and customization features. 

You can add a countdown timer, floating bar, optin forms, alert messages, popups, etc.,  everything you need to boost your sales. You can control when, where, and to whom you want to display your announcement bar or notification bar. 

For instance, you can show your announcement bar or notification to some specific product pages, tags, or collections. You can even display your notification bar to new or returning customers too. Isn’t it a great all-in-one marketing plugin?

You can get a better result if you use the notification bar for free shipping notifications, limited-time sales, increase signups for trials, or redirect traffic to a landing page. 

Best Features

  • Several types of popup
  • Popup triggers and behavior detection
  • Email marketing & CRM integrations
  • Additional Marketing integrations
  • Campaign types
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Actionable insights

Price: Grab the free version of this notification bar WordPress plugin for free from the WordPress repository. To try out the pro features, buy the plugin for $9/month. Do check out the pricing comparison first before purchasing the plugin. 

WPFront Notification Bar

If you want the best free solution for displaying a notification bar on your site, install the WPFront Notification Bar WordPress plugin right away! Using this notification bar WordPress plugin, you can easily create a great-looking notification bar at your page’s top or bottom. 

You can set your notification bar to close automatically or provide a close button for your visitors to close the notification bar. You can also manage when the notification bar would be visible on which page and when the notification bar would disappear on its own. 

You will also have the sticky bar option and set start and end dates for displaying the notification bar. This feature makes the plugin a better choice to promote your limited-time sales or promos of your products. You can also set the notification bar visible for your registered user or guest. 

This plugin is packed with infinite color options to customize the text, background, fonts, etc. So, customize your notification bar the way you want.

Best Features

  • Display on scroll option
  • Notification position
  • Shortcode support
  • Sticky bar
  • Start and end date of the notification bar
  • Auto Close
  • Display a reopen button
  • Select the user roles to display the notification

Price: Download this best notification bar WordPress plugin for displaying your sale on the notification bar for free

WP Notification Bars

If you are searching for a custom notification bar for marketing promotions, alerts, etc., the WP Notification Bars is worth checking out. You can use this notification bar WordPress plugin to show your latest posts or even related posts to the user. 

The cool fact about the plugin you might find interesting is that it allows you to control your notification bar’s visibility. For instance, you can set the notification bar to be visible only to those who come from social media or Google search. Still, its targeting options are somewhat limited in contrast to OptinMonster. 

Its user-friendly interface lets you modify the text and color of the background for your notification bar. Like the WPFront Notification Bar, you can set a button to close the notification bar and whether the notification bar would be sticky or regular. 

WP Notification Bars also features a pro version that includes A/B testing, demo import, newsletter forms, countdown timer, analytics, etc. 

Best Features

  • Lightweight
  • Custom color and background color
  • A fixed or absolute position
  • Targeting option
  • Translation ready
  • Countdown timer (Pro)
  • A/B split testing (Pro)
  • Import or Export notification bars (Pro)
  • Set Notification Bar priority (Pro)

Price: The core version of this notification bar WordPress plugin is free and is downloadable from the WordPress repository. If you want hands-on pro features, consider buying the pro version for $29 for 3 sites.  


NotificationX is the plugin that helps you show smart notifications made by you. We often love to check out the most sold product. If you have a WooCommerce site, you can notify your top products and get a good sale. You can also show notifications to let your customer know your site’s special deals, announcements, and special offers with a CTA button. 

In other words, you can keep your visitors updated about your trending product when they visit your site. This plugin creates an urgency, makes them think about your product, and eventually drives them to your desired landing page. This makes a good boost for having a good sale. 

It builds the trust and readability of your customers with the help of proof notification. Moreover, you can display who has bought your product last, or how many times it was sold in the previous week, month, or days. It also offers you an email subscription that leads your customers to subscribe to your newsletter for getting promos. 

Best Features

  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Option to select start and end time for notifications
  • Countdown timer
  • Integration with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Email subscriptions 
  • 30+ Design templates
  • 10+ notification types
  • WordPress download count

Price: Download the basic version of the NotificationX for free. To try out the pro features, purchase the pro version for $39/year for a single site. 

Hello Bar

The Hello Bar is one of the most popular notification bars that turn your visitor into your customers. This plugin lets you easily integrate your site with this platform and then show you a stylish and optimized notification bar on your site. 

This plugin works like Google Webmaster Tools. The Hello Bar requires you to register an account to their site, create your customized notification bar, and provide you with a code. You have to paste that code into the plugin on your site.

The free version of the plugin comes with necessary features like color, top or bottom adjustment, size, and button style. If you want features like A/B split testing, show Hello Bar to all, or just on mobile, you have to upgrade to the premium version.

You can also create popups like slider popups or whole screen popups, etc. It’s an excellent tool for growing your email list too. Like OptinMonster, you can add your visitors to your email lists, and it can easily be integrated with several email marketing services. 

Best Features

  • Exit Intent technology
  • A/B testing
  • Targeting
  • GDPR & Google SEO compliant
  • Popups
  • Lead generation

Price: Good news is that this Notification bar WordPress plugin comes with both a free and a pro version. The free version is downloadable from the WordPress repository for free. The premium version starts from $29/month. 

Top Bar

Notification Bar is also known as the Top Bar. I hope you have already guessed what the Top Bar WordPress plugin can do by seeing the name. This notification bar WordPress plugin provides you one of the easiest ways to let you add a notification bar to your site. 

Using Top Bar, you can show your visitor a friendly message or promo like the rest of the plugins above and display a CTA button. The free version lets you choose the color and background and let you set the notification position.

Even you can set your notification bar as a sticky bar. Still, you cannot allow your customer to close the notification bar as closing the notification is permitted in the premium version. 

Unfortunately, you cannot grow your subscription list using plugins like OptinMonser, Hello Bar, NotificationX, etc. If you are all into just creating a clean and straightforward notification bar, this is the plugin for you. 

Best Features

  • Live preview
  • Sticky notification bar
  • Button Text & URL
  • Color
  • Translation ready
  • Open/close the notification bar (Pro)
  • Change the font size (Pro)
  • New position for the Top Bar (Pro)
  • Set time before the Top Bar appears

Price: The free version is available in the WordPress repository. To try out the pro version, purchase the plugin for $16/year for a single site. 


Last but not least, HashBar is one of the best WordPress notification bar plugins that let you create unlimited notification bars to promote your best deal on your site. 

This notification plugin is best for alerts, announcements, sales advertisements, best deals, etc., like the rest of the plugins above. You can create numerous bars and can assign custom display rules for each bar. Unlike the Top Bar, this plugin lets you collect emails from your customer. 

To make your notification bar more professional, it allows you to add unlimited background color and images. You can also activate or deactivate the close button of the notification bar. 

The pro version lets you schedule the notification system, set a sticky or transparent header, and create shortcodes in the WordPress editor. 

Best Features

  • Major page builder support
  • Content background-color
  • Close button text
  • Transparent header
  • The breakpoint for mobile devices (Pro)
  • Notification system schedule (Pro)
  • Content background image

Price: Grab this plugin for free from the WordPress repository. If you want to have more enriched features, try the pro version, which costs $59 for a single site for a lifetime. 


I hope, by this time, you have found your desired notification bar WordPress plugin for your site. If you are still confused, let me help you a bit further. If you are a beginner, you should try out the free options first, then move on to the premium or pro version. 

If you want my opinion for choosing the best free and straightforward notification bar wordpress plugin, I would recommend you try WPFront Notification Bar, WP Notification Bars, Hash Bar, etc. The Hello Bar and Top Bar are also great for the same purpose, but each has its limitations in the free and pro-version version. 

If you want the pro version, definitely check out OptinMonster and NotificationX. OptinMonster is world-famous for its optin popups and targeting system. NotificationX is best for showing notifications about your sale, download times, announcement, etc., in the form of small notifications. 

As you can see, all the notification bar WordPress Plugins on the list feature different features. Choose wisely before selecting one and boost your sales. 

You can also check out My 7+ Best Conversion-Boosting WordPress Plugins if you want to improve your conversion and have a better sale

Finally, do not forget to share your thoughts below in the comment section. If you have enjoyed this post, do consider sharing it with your friends. 

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