5 Best Animated Text WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

In the ever changing world of site designs, and all the eye-catching stuff, you need something extra to make your WordPress site special. Clean, simple, and professional- these just won’t cut it anymore, at least not in many many cases. 

So, how to make your site stand out among millions of sites? One of the best solutions is animated text. It not only makes your contents more attractive, it also makes people return to your sites. And the best way to implement this is to get a WordPress animated text plugin.

So, how do you choose? What to look for? What will be the things that you’ll be needing? What will be the best for you? To answer all the questions, and to give you the perfect solution for the job, we give you the 5 Best Animated Text WordPress Plugins.


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Animate It!


Typing Text


Animated Text Block


Motion Text Widget for Elementor


Divi Animated Heading Module


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Pick one, and get on making your contents mesmerizing! 

1. Animate It!

To start the list, we picked one of the best animated text plugins for WordPress sites, in the market. With 40,000+ active downloads, this plugin is especially useful for the people who need to add styling and special effects on their contents’ words. 

Exactly as its name indicates, thi plugin allows users to create animations of various kinds, using the Class Generator. There is also an animation block available for use, which makes adding animation to contents quite ebay and simple. And you will also get all CSS3 animations when you install this plugin. You will be able to add those animations to any post, page, or widget you choose. 

And not only adding animations, this plugin gives the freedom of allowing/disallowing animations over different platforms. On mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, you have the option to toggle animation effects on and off. You also have the ability to construct custom classes, which can be used in a variety of settings and in alternate ways.

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Key Features:

  • Features 50+ pre-designed animation effects, for entry, exit of text, and widgets.
  • Allows users to apply different types of animation effects, with simple gestures like scroll, hover, and mouse click. 
  • Allows infinite times animation application, or at any number of choices.
  • Permits users to specify animation type, delay, duration and timing.
  • Provides shortcode application of the plugin, and options to add custom CSS classes and animations. 


Surprisingly, even after being loaded with features, Animate It! comes with a price tag of ‘free’. That’s right, you won’t have to pay for using this plugin, or any of the features it offers. Everything is free of cost, you just have to download and install Animate It!

2. Typing Text

For our next pick on the list, we chose something which will not affect your page performance, but will give you full freedom to design the text of your contents. With Typing Text, adding animations is just a matter of mere seconds. And that is possible while you can go over and beyond in the design section.

Lightweight is one of the best features this plugin offers. It will make your contents look livelier and more charming, all while never putting any strains on your machine. As a result, your site’s page speed will not be affected, meaning your site will not slow down with the pressure of animated texts. 

Just because it’s light, it’s not short in design. So, full customizability is undoubtedly another big plus of Typing Text. With this plugin, you have the power to customize the content, animation speed, colors, and other aspects to make it suitable for the design of your website.

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Key Features

  • Very lightweight, doesn’t put pressure on page speed. 
  • Highly optimized for faster loading time.
  • Fully customizable, with a dedicated support system.
  • Provides a block for block editors.
  • Free of any charge.


Just like our first pick, Typing Text is also a free text animation WordPress plugin. So, no charge, no billing, just install and use it. 

3. Animated Text Block

On number 3, we got another amazing WordPress plugin for text animations, though it is on the lesser known side of the spectrum. But we can assure you, it definitely can handle the job of designing your texts beautifully. With Animated Text Block plugin, you can easily tweak around the designing freedom it offers. 

Full customizability is the best feature of this plugin. You have all the necessary options available to put animations in your texts. With this, you can display paragraphs or texts as animation.

If you are a Gutenberg editor user, then Animated Text Block can be very useful for you. Because this plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg, so you won’t have to switch to other editors to animate your contents. 

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Key Features:

  • Fully customizable, with lots of options.
  • Free of charge.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gutenberg compatible.
  • Works with all the standard WordPress themes.


Just like the first two of this list, Animated Text Block is also a free text animation WordPress plugin.

4. Motion Text Widget for Elementor

Now, if you are a professional, and want something from more of a premium segment, this is the perfect pick for you. Once you purchase ElementsKit, Motion Text Widget will be given along all the other plugins. As a good for everything plugin, this plugin can be just the right choice for your work. 

With this plugin, the sky’s the only limit. You can add various dynamic motions to your texts, making them more appealing to visitors. And if you want to up your game, then go for the advanced customization option. From a vast array of options in hand, you can choose from scrolling effects, revealing effects, fading effects, call-to-action effects and many more. So, making your website truly come alive is now easier than ever.

Another huge feature of this plugin is the adding links feature. You can now add links to your text, which is a big plus if you are an affiliate marketer. And adding a link doesn’t require any other external add ons or anything of that sort, the plugin itself will suffice for the job.

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Key Features

  • Options for inserting links, as well as titles and HTML tags.
  • Text alignment features. 
  • Raindrop and lightning effects.
  • Text modification features- allows adjusting elements like color, font, and shadow.
  • Allows users to split texts. 


To get Motion Text Widget for Elementor, you need to buy ElementsKit. There are 3 packs: Personal, Professional, and Agency. All the packs are divided into 2 plans. The yearly price for the personal pack is $39, and the lifetime plan costs $119. Similarly, the Professional pack will cost $87/year and $259/lifetime. For the Agency pack, you can settle for $179/year, or $489 for lifetime plans. There are also 2 bundle packs, available at $499 (yearly) and $899 (lifetime). 

5. Divi Animated Heading Module

If you are looking for something special for your headings, then you just got just the right tool. Divi Animated Heading Module is one of the best animated text plugins in the market. With its help, you can seamlessly animate heading, bring color and liveliness to them, and many many more!

As the name suggests, the best part of this plugin is the heading customization.It finally frees you from the usual mundane header style. With the help of this plugin, You are able to improve the design of your headings by making use of a variety of text areas, display elements, and extensive customization choices. So, attracting visitors is now easier and more effective. 

And this plugin is not limited to those. You can also customize your headings in many ways. There are options to make your texts rotate, slide, flip, stand, scale, and wave. On top of that, you can control animation velocity, mass, damping, delay, stiffness, and duration. 

Key Features

  • 9 different animations with total control.
  • Rich text styler for every text area.
  • DiviFlash (The parent pack of this plugin) has a bunch of premade animated heading section layouts for a quick start.
  • 29 easing effects to apply.
  • Comfortable for both beginners and professionals. 


To get the Divi Animated Heading Module, you need to buy DiviFlash. There are 3 packs available to purchase. The personal pack will cost you $39/year, usable in a single website . The business pack is priced at $89/ year, which can be used in unlimited websites.  And the lifetime pack costs $299, which will last lifetime, and can be used in unlimited websites. 


 If you want to boost sales, website traffic, and general website performance, it is strongly recommended that you add animation to the text on your WordPress website. Because each of these factors contributes to the overall amount of a visitor’s session on your website. The more a visitor stays on your contents, the better for your page- that’s the basic rule of thumb. 

Now, you have the list of the 5 Best Animated Text WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid) in your hand. All of them are good for animating texts. You can pick any of them according to your requirement. So, choose the one you need, and get down to business. Best of luck! 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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