7 Best Hover Effects WordPress Plugins (Image, Button, & More)

Best Hover Effects WordPress Plugins

Images are one of the first contents that a visitor first checks out when browsing a website.

For this reason, you need to have amazing images for your website. Let your images talk to your customers. Make your images look attractive so that they can grab visitors’ attention the moment they see them. 

For that purpose, you can use the hover effects WordPress plugins that help you add fantastic hover effects to your images and add content along with buttons. 

Now , you can take your website to an apex level of beautifulness with the help of the enlisted 7 best hover effects WordPress plugins below. Let’s check them out.


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Image Hover Effects Ultimate


Hover Effects


Image Hover Effects

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Ultimate Hover Effects


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Image Hover Effects Ultimate

Image Hover Effects Ultimate is one of the best free hover effects WordPress plugins based on CSS3 and offer you cool animations & transitions. 

It is a perfect choice for a non-coder since it is beginner-friendly. It offers you an incredible image gallery, lightbox, image comparison & magnifier other than numerous hover effects.

It is also suitable for e-commerce website owners since they can add image hover time to each product page. And therefore, the customers will be able to see the full product description just by hovering over the product image. 

Plus, the plugin automatically resizes images for thumbnails. If you want, you can even manually resize your images too. With its Image Hover Media Manager, you can easily make additional customization such as image rotation, flip, crop, etc. 

Since this Image hover effects WordPress plugin is performance-oriented and developer-friendly, it is lightweight and enables you to add custom CSS to redesign the end product further. 

The pro version offers you more than 500+ highly customizable hover effects. Other exciting features include image hover background color, customizable hover icons, borders & shadow settings, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Clone Hover Effects
  • Image Auto Resizing for Thumbnails
  • Classic Hover Layout or Grid Layout
  • Overlay Effects 
  • Image Alignment Settings
  • Shortcode Support
  • Image Hover Cache
  • Customizable 500+ Hover Effects (Pro)
  • Border & Shadow Settings (Pro)
  • Customizable Hover Icons (Pro)
  • Image Hover Font Color (Pro)

Available Versions & Price: Get the free version of this Image hover effects plugin for free. | The price of the Pro Version costs $19.99/year for a website. 

Hover Effects

Hover Effects is a straightforward plugin that allows you to add hover effects to any content. It offers you a collection of 39 hover effects that you can use for any element. All you need is to copy the specific hover effect class name and add it to the component. 

Compared to the first hover effects WordPress plugin on the list, it offers you the complete freedom of adding hover effects to any item. You can add the effects class to highlight a link, can add the hover effect to buttons, logos, SVG, featured images, etc. 

For adding a hover effect to the menu item, you need to select the effect and copy the class. After that, you need to go to the Appearance menu, select the menu item, and add the class under CSS Classes. Thus, you can also call this plugin as a fine WordPress Menu Hover Effects plugin.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Plugin
  • Offers 39 Hover Effects 
  • Add Hover Effects to Links, Icons, Menu, Logo, Buttons, etc. 
  • Add Hover to Any Element That Supports Adding Class
  • 2D Transitions
  • Shadow & Glow Transitions

Available Versions & Price: Get this WordPress hover effects plugin for free.   

Image Hover Effects

Image Hover Effects offers you the impressive collection of 40+ hover effects that you can apply to your image on the front end. Plus, it provides you additional 10+ effects to use on scrolling. 

Adding hover effects on pages or images is a piece of cake using the plugin since it is beginner-friendly. You can easily apply custom width and height for images, choose custom borders, etc. 

Additionally, it comes with an exclusive image slider and a lightbox module to display your image in a slider and show the image via lightbox when clicked. It offers you advanced options to add animation to your images. 

Since it is a performance-oriented hover effect WordPress plugin, it has been designed with CSS3 codes to render the fastest animation effects. The plugin is entirely responsive and will adapt to any screen size. 

Key Features

  • Pure CSS3 Effects
  • Lightbox and Slider Included
  • Responsive Layouts
  • 40+ Hover Effects
  • Grid Options 
  • 10+ Animation Effects for Scrolling
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Custom Image Width & Height

Available Versions & Price: You can try the free Version or get the Pro Version of this WordPress image hover effects plugin for $18/website. 

Hover Effects Pack

Hover Effects Pack offers you incredible image animations & image hover effects to make your product image look attractive and informative at the same time. 

The plugin offers you a collection of 10 hover effects, 10 text animation effects, and 5 text delay options. You can take away your visitors’ attention right away by adding these effects. 

It is packed with a WYSIWYG editor from where you can add layers and text, customize the layer color, add effects on the image, etc. You can also add border radius, set opacity to the layers, etc.  

With the help of shortcode, you can insert your images on any posts and pages using any page builder. 

Key Features

  • Hover Layer & Text Customization
  • 10 Hover Effects
  • 10 Text Animation Effects
  • 5 Text Delay Options
  • Shortcode Support
  • Add Border Radius to All Effects
  • Set Layer Opacity

Available Versions & Price: Premium Version costs $15/website.  


It is one of the best WordPress flip box plugins that lets you add hover effects effortlessly. It enables you to add a box to the image and will flip to show you the screen. 

It also offers you to add a CTA button to the flip box. It’s a simple plugin that works like a regular info box but only shows an incredible CSS3 hover effect when a visitor hovers the box. 

You can select several flip animations for your flip box. More than 120+ effects are packed with the hover effects WordPress plugins. And it also offers 28 unique flip box templates to choose from. 

The content of image overlays is entirely customizable and can add images, videos, icons, maps, etc., inside the flip box. Again, you can add images in square or circle shapes. 

You can represent your content data fantastically and descriptively at once using this hover effect WordPress plugin. It’s a great way to promote your product in a better way. 

Key Features

  • 28 Unique Flip Box Templates
  • 120+ Content Hover Effects
  • CSS3 Animation Effects
  • Custom CSS Support
  • Mobile Responsive 
  • Animated Sliding Panel
  • Optional Display Text with Icon or Image
  • Highly Customizable & Flexible Flip Boxes

Available Versions & Price: Download and enjoy the plugin for free.

Emage – Image Hover Effects for Elementor 

Lastly, we have Emage, one of the best premium hover effects plugins available for Elementor. You can showcase your content in a more beautiful way using the Emage. 

This hover effect WordPress plugin offers you the ultimate freedom for choosing individual effects for each element. You can apply hover effects for image, overlay, and content separately. It offers you 150+ hover effects that attract visitors’ attention quickly. 

Furthermore, it offers the Post Grid option as a separate addon that helps you take your hover effects to a different level. It supports Gutenberg Block Editor along with Elementor. 

You can create exceptional magazine-style post grids capable of showing post title, date, author, comments, excerpt, category tags, etc. Plus, all the images you upload match the height to look even better.

Key Features

  • Separately Control Hover Effects for  Each Content
  • 150+ Hover Effects
  • 9 Alignment Options
  • Add links on Title, Subtitle, Content, & Button
  • Image Hover Post Grid Addon
  • Gutenberg Block Support
  • Typography Control
  • Fundamental to Advanced Image Hover Effects

Available Versions & Price: The price of the plugin starts from $16/website. 

Ultimate Hover Effects

Ultimate Hover Effects has more than 85+ eye-catching hover effects with unique CSS3 transitions, promised to grab your visitors’ attention right away. 

It’s a free & straightforward hover effect WordPress plugin, yet it is modern & stylish. You can make your image captions attractive and informative with their excellent hover effects. Overall, it will improve your website’s appearance. 

You can also customize the image’s height and width. Furthermore, it lets you add your custom CSS for further styling. It also includes more than 700+ google fonts to match your website’s style.

All images with hover effects are 100% responsive and support all modern devices. It is also compatible with all modern browsers. 

Key Features

  • 100% Mobile Responsive Design
  • Select Item Column to be Shown in a Row
  • 85+ Eye-Catchy Hover Effects
  • CSS3 Transitions
  • Fully Shortcode Powered
  • Supports Custom CSS
  • Supports Google Fonts
  • Font Customization
  • Color Customization for Title & Description
  • External Link for Each Hover Item

Available Versions & Price: Free Version. 


Hope you have liked the post and you have finally chosen one from the list. We recommend selecting the free version first, rather than trying the premium version. 

If you are an advanced user, you may try the premium version first. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section regarding these plugins. Also, do not forget to share the post on your social media if you have liked the post.

We also have a list below regarding other WordPress plugins that might interest you. 

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