7+ Best Elementor Addons and Widgets Plugins (Paid & Free)

With the Elementor Addons and Widgets plugins, you can build a webpage or website without any hassle, plus give a professional look to your website that everyone will love. A better design of a website attracts visitors. The more visitors your website attracts, the better your lead generations and better conversions. 

Build incredible jaw dropping designs without any coding knowledge with the simple drag and drop feature of Elementor. Elementor offers you more than 80 design elements dedicated to fulfilling all your requirements without using dozens of plugins. With those elements, you get a visual guide to build a site as each element show what they can do.

Therefore, you can rely on them if you know what’s their functionality and create any website you can think of. You can also integrate its elements with third part marketing tools to generate more traffic, leads, and traffic. 

When creating great looking websites, often you will need some more elements or widgets that you will not find in Elementor’s free version or the Pro version. Here, the third-party Elementor Add-ons plugins come into action. They provide some unique features that you won’t find in Elemntor’s default widgets library. 

There are lots of third-party Elementor, but choosing them is troublesome. Today, I will tell you about 7+ Best Elementor Addons & Widgets Plugins (Paid & Free) that are highly effective when creating an excellent looking website. 

Let’s check out those 7+ Best Elementor Addons & Widgets Plugins. 

7+ Best Elementor Addons and Widgets Plugins (Paid & Free)

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons The best Elementor addons and widgets plugins

Were you waiting for a better Elemontor widget that is available in both free and premium versions? Your wait is over. Allow to introduce you to Essential Addons for Elementor Widget that is better rated and famous. Once you start using it, you won’t look back to use any other addon plugins.  

You won’t believe that this Elementor addons and widgets plugin free version allows you access to 37+ widgets, including numerous widgets that you would only get with Elementor Pro addons. Widgets like post grids, post timeline, testimonials are free on the Essential Addons free version that Elementor pro offers. 

You will be mesmerized when you will get their pro version. By getting the pro version, you will get access to 29+ more widgets and some unique ones you haven’t seen anywhere else. Some of their most memorable and incredible widgets are

  • Lightbox/modal popup
  • Data tables
  • Dynamic filterable gallery
  • Interactive promo
  • Protected content
  • Off-canvas
  • Advanced Post & Gallery widgets
  • Parallax effect

Give your creativity a new name and show off your creativity by making jaw-dropping website designs with Essential pro. Furthermore, the premium version offers you 100+ Ready Bloks, which you can import on your pages and start customizing & get your desired site page instantly.

Pricing: You can get this unique Elementor addons and widgets plugin for $39.97/year for a single site, $69.97/ year for unlimited sites, and $169.97 for a lifetime. 

Happy Addons

Like its name, Happy Addons for Elementor is a robust Elementor addons and widgets plugin that will make you happy with its incredible designs and deep-level customizations to enhance your website’s visual look. It’s a collection of slick and robust widgets that work consistently with Elementor. 

It is packed with 25+ feature-rich widgets in the free version, whereas you will get 20+ premium widgets if you buy the premium version. Moreover, they have included incredible demos for their great widgets to find out its use case. It is famous for its card, gradient heading, info & icon boxes, reviews, skill bars, carousels, testimonials, etc. 

If you want to enrich the core of your Elementor, it offers you two exciting features. They are Floating effects and CSS Transform. Using Happy Addons’ floating effects, you can float any widgets of elementor and even rotate objects on their x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. WIth CSS Transform, you can apply incredible CSS effects like translate, rotate, scale, etc. 

Some notable features are

  • Site syncs
  • Cross-domain copy paste, 
  • Live section copy
  • Widget background overlay
  • 500+ line icon

Pricing: Currently, they are offering annual and lifetime pricing, yet they have a free version also. You can grab a copy of this Elementor addons and widgets plugin at $29/year for a website and $104/site for a lifetime. 

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor has been born to be the ultimate one in every way. This Elementor addons and widgets plugin comes from the makers of the Astra theme. Ultimate Addons for Elementor is highly rated that you should not miss out. They provide you 40+ widgets that are advanced and unique. 

A considerable number of people are using this addon to build their website content and layouts. For me, Elementor is like Thor, and the Ultimate Addons is like Thor’s Hammer.

With its Modular Control, you can keep your website load fast. Plus, this Elementor addons and widgets plugin offers you the WooCommerce & Post widgets to display your product or contents more elegantly. You will get 100+ pre-built starter templates for any website such as blog, business, personal, portfolio, shop, charity, and others more to save your time when building a website. 

If you want me to name some popular widgets that are purely ultimate, they are

  • Gravity Form Styler
  • Modal Popup
  • Timeline
  • Particle backgrounds
  • Business reviews
  • Infobox

Moreover, you will have Contact Form 7 and 3 prominent WooCommerce widgets for add to card, categories, and products. 

Pricing: As being the ultimate, they are offering their product on an annual and lifetime basis. For a startup, they will charge $55 for a year and $249 for a lifetime. Their agency bundle is offering much more value than the price. 

PowerPack for Elementor

If you want me to tell you about another best alternative of Essential Addons for Elementor available in both free and premium versions, I would recommend you PowerPack for Elementor addons plugin blindly. 

This Elementor addons and widgets plugin has so much to offer that anyone would easily be convinced to use it. It comes with more than 70+ great widgets to shine your website like a pro. Powerpack aims to deliver you great widgets with better functionalities rather than adding more widgets to its collections. 

Elementor addons and widgets plugin’s widgets collection can be divided into 3 sections as Form styler widgets, Creative widgets, and Content widgets. Form styler widget lets you design any form such as Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, etc. On the other hand, Creative Widgets offers you, Countdown timer, table, Promo box, etc. Content Widgets covers widgets like Tabs, Maps, menu, etc. 

Some other Cool widgets are

  • WooCommerce My account
  • Category Grid & Slider
  • Team member Carousel
  • Magazine Slider
  • Dual Pricing
  • Tabbed Gallery

This Elementor addons and widgets plugin has more than 90 section templates to save your precious time while making websites sections. They are famous for their pre-built clean looking modern templates.

With its new feature, Cross-Domain Copy Paste, you can copy one section or content from your site to another website. This saves you a lot of time, as you do not need to create what you have already made. 

Pricing: You have to pay $69/year and $349 for a lifetime, though have a free version too.  

Elements Kit

Creating a mega menu takes a considerable time, and it’s complicated when making one for your website. To reduce your suffering, Elements Kit addons for Elementor comes with a Megamenu Builder to let you make your desired fantastic looking Megamenu without any hassle. 

Elements Kit is a complete package that comes with a fantabulous header and footer builder that will blow your mind. It also includes 55+ custom addons and 500+ ready sections so that you take less time creating and customizing websites every section within a few moments.

It comes with tremendous and robust custom controls for Elementor like Image picker, Ajax Select, Advanced widget, etc. Why would you use numerous plugins when you are getting everything under the one hood?

This Elementor addons and widgets plugin also has a layout library that has 20+ pre-built homepage layouts and a total of 450+ blocks to assist you in building a website in no time. 

The Pro version of this Elementor addons and widgets plugin has more advanced and incredible widgets like Advanced Accordion, Advanced Tab, Twitter & Facebook Feed, Timeline, motion text, and many more. However, it has a free version too.

The premium version contains five unique features such as 

  • Parallax option with SVG library and animations
  • Add icon and label in Megamenu
  • Sticky content in any location
  • Header & Footer in a particular post
  • Widgets area

Pricing: Currently, they are offering a 40% discount for the COVID pandemic. The pro version of this Elementor addons and widgets plugin costs $33/year for a single site, $59/year for 5 sites, and $129/year for unlimited websites for now. 

Designer Powerup 

Designer Powerup has changed the way you use the famous page builder, Elementor. Once you start using this addons widget, you will wonder why on earth Elementor doesn’t include them with it. If you use Elementor for making numerous websites for your clients or yourself, you should not miss out on checking this excellent widget. 

This Elementor addons and widgets plugin lends you a hand to build better fantastic functional pages in a better productive manner. One of their highlighted features is Quick Spacer, which allows you to adjust the margin and padding of a section by dragging the section’s edges in the design area. You don’t need to go to advanced settings to control element spacing as well; just hover on the edges of a section, and it will show you the options. 

Now you can even beautify the flow of any section on your websites with their new shape divider. There is 25 shape divider currently that can take your customization of a section to a whole new level without hampering your page speed. All these 25 shape dividers are pure SVG elements that are loaded inline and fully customizable while fully responsive also.  

Some other striking features are

  • Layout Grid
  • Blob Generator Widget
  • Layered Shadows
  • Value nudging for number fields
  • Filter effects for any section/widget

Pricing: This Elementor addons and widgets plugin offers you a free trial for 14 days and also $39 for a site one time only.  

Element Pack

Element Pack comes with massive, most advanced, superfluid widgets, and A to Z essential add-ons to the Elementor. Perhaps, they are in the top position of having an extensive collection of widgets to meet your requirements building a website. 

This Elementor addons and widgets plugin features 163+ widgets, 1700+ ready blocks, 200+ header & footer, along with 120+ built-in ready pages that suit your daily use when building webpages. Their ready-made page templates are visually lovely and match perfectly with your whatever your niche is. It supports every modern display and almost every popular WordPress themes.  

Moreover, It also supports third-party plugins such as WooCommers, The Event Calendar, Gravity Forms, TablePress, and much more. It is multilingual ready, including 15+ languages, and supports RTL.

Recently this Elementor addons and widgets plugin has dropped some new widgets amongst them; they highlighted Notification Widget and Fancy Icon. Like NotificationX, you can show your popup notifications in any position of your website to get the reliability of your customer and generate leads and conversions with their new Notification widget. With Fancy Icon, you can customize your social icons in every fancy way possible. 

Some other Unique widgets are 

  • Formidable Forms
  • Tag Cloud
  • Accordion
  • Cookie Consent
  • Dual Button
  • Image compare

There are many more unique features that you can see by browsing their website. 

Pricing:  They charge $24 a year for 1 site and $59/site for a lifetime, and $129/year for unlimited websites.

Premium Addons

Building a page without coding knowledge is now effortless as you can create a unique website or webpage using the Premium Addons. It’s lightweight, fully responsive, user-friendly, cross-browser compatible, WPML ready, and much more. With its sophisticated widgets, you can create a fantastic looking website in no time without any coding knowledge.

Furthermore, Premium Addons is 100% modular for which you can activate elements that you are using and deactivate the rest for blazing-fast performance. They have managed to build this product the way Elementor is made that suggests Js files are loaded depending on what and which elements you are operating on each page.

Though this plugin is named Premium addons, this Elementor addons and widgets plugin offers you both a free version and premium versions. They are offering 20+ widgets in their pro version and 30+ for their premium version. Though their free version does not offer many widgets, those free widgets are highly versatile and provide you with a better look and functionality.

One of their best widgets is the Image layer. With this widget, you can represent your images in a whole new way. All of your pictures will animate into one embodiment. Now, you can also add the famous Lottie Animations to the Image Layer widget. This way, you will get a unique design animated design the way you prefer.

They have other cool widgets such as 

  • Image Layer
  • media Box
  • Multi-Scroll
  • Fancy Text
  • Image Separator
  • Vertical Scroll
  • Media Grid

And there is a lot more. 

Pricing: Now, they offer $39 for a single site a year, $79/a year for unlimited sites, and $199 for unlimited sites and a lifetime.  


I hope you have had enough information by this time choosing a suitable Elementor widget plugin for your website. But, I do recommend reading their unique functionalities carefully given above before coming to a decision. 

AddonsBest Unique featurePriceVersion
Essential Addons for ElementorOffers Elementor’s premium widgets for free $39.97/year for a single site, 69.97/year for unlimited sites & $169.97 for a lifetimePremium & Free
Happy AddonsCSS Transform & Floating Effects$29/year for a website and $104/site for a lifetimePremium & Free
Ultimate Addons for ElementorModular Control & Lightweight to load the page faster. 100+ pre-built starter templates$55 for a year and $249 for a lifetimePremium Only
PowerPack For ElementorCross-Domain Copy Paste & Creative Widgets$69/year and $349 for a lifetimePremium & Free
Elements KitsMegamenu, header, & footer builder$33/year for a single site, $59/year for 5 sites, and $129/year for unlimited websitesPremium & Free
Designer PowerupQuick Spacer widget, Shape divider widget, Layered Shadows$39 for a site one time only. No offer for unlimited websitesPremium Only
Element PackNotification Widget, Fancy Icon, Cookie Consent, Dual button, etc.$24/year for 1 site and $59/site for a lifetime, & 129/year for unlimited websitesPremium Only
Premium AddonsImage layer, 100% modular addon & Lottie animations$39/year for 1 site, $79/a year for unlimited sites, and $199 for unlimited sitesPremium & Free

You can also use more than one of the Elementor Addons plugins, as all of them are unique in their way. So suit yourself. 

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