10+ Best WordPress Animation Plugins

Boring content can be transformed into an interesting one if you add spices like hover effects, sliders, page effects, scrolling effects, etc., to your content. All of these spices are categorized as WordPress animation effects. If you want to turn your websites’ content intuitive and, at the same time, fun and engaging, you should try to use some of the best WordPress animation plugins.

Grab your audience’s attention with the help of animation effects as they are fun to see and have the power to make any topic interesting. If you have coding knowledge, you can add unique effects to your content to spice it up. 

What if you are not a coder or do not possess any coding knowledge but still want to add animation effects to your website content? The simple solution is to rely on an animation plugin that allows you to add animation effects like hover effects, page scrolling effects, etc. In this way, you won’t need to code to add effects, and you can add the effects simply and quickly to your website content. 

Best Animation WordPress Plugins

Today we want to tell you the 10+ best WordPress animation plugins that are outstanding in every way. You will find lots of the kind, but not best like these 7, we have picked just for you. 

So let’s get started without any further due!





Animate It!

CSS Animations

Typing Effect

Text Animation

Scroll Magic WordPress

Animate on Scroll

Image Hover Effects

Image Hover Animation

Ultimate Blocks

Animated Slider Button Hover

Progress Bar Countdown Timer

Thrive Architect

Animatin for Any Element

Essential Addons for Elementor

Animations for Elementor

Page Animations And Transitions

Animation & Transition Effects

Responsive Menu

Animated Hamburgers Menu

Meta Slider

Animated Slider

Ultimate Hover Effects

CSS3 Hover Effects

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Now let’s dive into the details of these plugins.

Animate It

Make your visitor say wow to your content by adding the animation’s magical touch through the Animate It plugin. It is one of the best freemium WordPress animation plugins that let you add cool animation effects to your website’s content. It comes with 50+ attention-grabbing animation effects that instantly attracts your audience. 

With their unique Delayed Animation feature, you can create an animation sequence for your website. Moreover, you can also apply animations if a user clicks on or hover over a particular area on your website. It is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress animation plugins to add fast and straightforward CSS3 animations to your content. 

Moreover, you can add CSS3 elements on pages, posts, and widgets. This WordPress animation plugin is the best solution for the photographer, portfolio, etc., website. It is entirely responsive. Therefore your animated content will look great on smartphones also. 

Top Features

  • 50+ Entry, Exit, and Attention seeker animation
  • Apply animation on click
  • Animation on hover
  • CSS3 animations
  • Animation on widgets

Price: Enjoy this plugin for free from the WordPress repository.

Image Hover Effect

If you run a photography website, the most crucial fact is to draw attention to your images. After all, your pictures are the thing that people visit your website to see. You should pay attention to apply the right animation effect using a better animation plugin. 

The Image Hover Effect WordPress animation plugin is one of the best WordPress animation plugins that allows you to insert hover effects on your images and even lets you choose hover effects from over 40+ to hover effects. Adding animation effect on page scrolling is a piece of cake with the plugin. There are more than 10 effects available to apply on scrolling. 

It comes with other options to choose custom borders, custom height & width for images, and many more. Moreover, it is entirely responsive enough that it will support any smart device. You can show your photos in an Image Slider or a Lightbox with the plugin’s help if you want. 

Top Features

  • Pure CSS3 Effects
  • Lightbox Enabled
  • Fully Responsive
  • 40+ Hover Effects
  • Show Images in Slider
  • 10+ Animations on Scroll
  • Shortcode generator

Price: Like Animate It, enjoy the plugin for free from the WordPress repository. 

Thrive Architect

You must be amazed to see a page builder’s name in the first place in today’s list of the 7 best WordPress animation plugins. Maybe, you have guessed the reason already. Well, you can give your content lives by using the animation effects of Thrive Architect. 

With the help of Thrive Architect’s animation effect, convert more traffic into your website. A simple animation can be a better solution to draw your visitor’s attention. This page builder allows you to add hover animation on buttons, content boxes, images, columns, icons, testimonials, CTA boxes, ext. 

If you know CSS, you can wiggle everything. Not only that but also you can animate your background by adding YouTube videos. Animating an image is also possible with Thrive Architect, one of the best WordPress animation plugins. 

Top Features

  • Drag & drop builder
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Integrates with every essential tool
  • Mailing list
  • Landing page templates
  • Unique animation effects
  • Attention-grabbing text & image combinations
  • Advanced hover effects

Price: This plugin comes with a premium version only. Buy the plugin for $228/year. 

Page Animations and Transitions

Adding magical animated touches to your website can often be an incredible way to make it more lucrative and attention-grabbing. Fortunately, you do not need to lean on a lot to coding to make the most of your animation possibilities. Make your photography portfolio or website pages much more interactive by adding animation effects with Page Animations and Transition animation WordPress plugin. 

They offer you 9 brilliant animation effects like fade, rotate, flip, zoom, etc. Add page in or out animation effect with transition duration for each. Shine your website’s content with Page Animations and Transitions. 

This WordPress animation plugin is 100% responsive; therefore, it is all mobile screen optimized. The animation codes are lightweight and do not hamper the site’s load speed. You will surely love the plugin as this plugin’s animation effects are not too dramatic or flashy, and it is free to use. 

Top Features

  • Page In Animation Effect
  • Page Out Animation Effect
  • Page In Animation Duration (Speed)
  • Page Out Animation Duration (Speed)
  • 9 different animation effects
  • 100% responsive

Price: Download the plugin for free from the WordPress repository. 

Responsive Menu

If you want to add life to your website’s menu, this is the plugin you are looking for. Yes, this is the Responsive Menu, one of the best freemium WordPress animation plugins for the website’s menu. Make your website’s menu move around with spinning, buttons, fading, and color transformations by using this plugin. 

You never know though which device your customer will come to your website. You should make sure that they are enabled to navigate your website no matter what. You can choose from which side your menu will appear. Moreover, you can set different fonts and your menu’s background & border color. 

You will have 150 customizable options to customize your menu the way you desire. You can also decide which menu you want to use from their ready-made menu templates. It’s an easy-to-use, simple plugin that you can get for free.

Top Features

  • 150 customizable options
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile responsive
  • Animated Desktop mega menu
  • 20+ buttons animation
  • 600+ font icons 
  • Custom CSS
  • W3C compliance

Price: You have to buy this premium plugin for $29.99/year for a single site. 

Master Slider

Add super smooth transition effects to your images and content sliders to instantly grab your visitors’ attention using the Master slider. It’s one of the robust animation WordPress plugins that supports touch navigation with swipe gestures. If you want to give a great user experience to your visitor, add a swipe gesture to your website. 

This masterpiece slider offers 30+ ready-made sample sliders that can provide a stunning look to your website and make your website’s content more engaging. Displaying your sliders as galleries is no problem. This slider also supports animated layers and is well optimized for SERP.

As this plugin is responsive by nature, it will look gorgeous across all smart devices and compatible with modern browsers. You can create your slider through the Drag & Drop feature of the plugin if you are inexperienced with WordPress. This is a simple plugin that even lets you make a video background, parallax effect for scrolling and swiping the site with the visual button editor, and much more. 

Top Features

  • Drag & drop builder
  • Real-time preview
  • Visual style editor
  • Custom CSS
  • 650+ google fonts
  • Slide video background
  • Button editor
  • Animated layers
  • Super Smooth 6+ transitions
  • Parallax effect

Price: This plugin is available in both a free and a premium version. Download the free version from the WordPress repository. If you want to have more advanced features, buy the premium version for $29.99

Ultimate Hover Effects

Last but not least, we have the Ultimate Hover Effects by Themebon, a free, simple, yet modern and stylish animation plugin. It provides you more than 85+ eye-mesmerizing hover effects with CSS3 transition. You can add custom font style and color for your title and description. 

Moreover, you can apply custom CSS for each style if you know CSS. It includes more than 700+ Google fonts for heading and description with parameters. You can input custom image height and width, and the plugin is entirely shortcode powered. 

Choose your desired hover effects from the vast collection of their hover effects that suits your content best. It is 100% responsive, for which it supports all the modern mobile devices and fully compatible with all browsers. Add hover effects using an image quickly and embed them in separate posts. 

Top Features

  • 85+ premium hover effects.
  • Each item for each effect per row
  • Select item column to be shown in a row
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Fully shortcode powered
  • Amazing shortcode generator when you update the post
  • Shortcode in widget supported
  • 700+ Google fonts
  • Custom CSS

Price: Download the plugin from the WordPress repository for free. 


By this time, we hope you have understood the benefits of using an animation WordPress plugin on your website and choose one for your website. Let’s see the benefits of adding animation again for a quick overview.

Benefits of Adding Animation effect

  • The animation can transform your boring content into an engaging one. This encourages your customer to stay on your site for much longer to explore your other pages’ visually enhanced content. 
  • The more your visitor stays for longer, the better your site’s bounce, therefore, an overall improvement in your site’s SEO.
  • Make your content alive with the magical touch of animation effects to explain your content better. 

Now you must have been more transparent about the benefits of adding animation; why would you not add them? Feel free to share your thoughts with us through the comment section if you have chosen any or already using any of these from the list of our 7 Best WordPress animation plugins.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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