3+ Best WordPress Productivity Plugins That Manage Your Tasks Effortlessly

Best WordPress Productivity Plugins

We all try to be productive in our daily life and productivity is something that we look for even more when we have to manage a website. 

In order to be more productive, you can choose to install plugins that will help you to have a productive life. There are lots of ways you can get distracted while working on your WordPress website. 

There are also various things that you could be doing but you are stuck with one thing. All of these distractions can also be solved by using the right WordPress Productivity plugins. 

Furthermore, it is a huge hassle to manage a WordPress website alone and be productive at the same time. Plus, the sheer number of features and extensions that you can use make it hard to select the right ones. 

In today’s post, we will talk about the best WordPress Productivity plugins that we handpicked.  These plugins will help you to manage your projects and quick tasks quickly so that you can handle your other work with less hassle.

3+ Best WordPress Productivity Plugins


Assistant is the everyday productivity app that lets you do quick tasks without going to the WordPress Admin Panel. For instance, you can quickly find a page or post, update the title or featured image of a post, etc. 

This WordPress Productivity plugin is a collection of several apps, for instance, with the Media App of the plugin, you can also upload media files and navigate to your attachment pages. Using the Comments App, you can update, reply, remove, trash any comments. 

With its Updates App, you can trace your theme’s and plugin’s updates and also can update them at the same time. 

In other words, it’s an app that lets you do more without accessing the backend of your site. 

Key Features

  • Accomplish Your Site’s Tasks Without Accessing Backend
  • Shows Recently Edited Posts 
  • Upload Media Files 
  • Moderate Comments 
  • Updates Themes & Plugins
  • Find Posts, Pages, & Custom Post Types Quickly
  • Add Custom Labels to Your Posts & Pages

Available Versions & Prices: Free Version

WP Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager Pro lets you be more productive at work by letting you organize and track all your tasks and projects. It works like a super-charger that charges your productivity creating, organizing, and assigning tasks within a few clicks.

Among its several features, Kanban Board helps you to create boards for managing your projects and assign the projects to the team members. Therefore, you can see the progress of your team and project effortlessly. 

It offers you a user-friendly interface & web-based task management tool that lets you accomplish your to-do or simple tasks quicker. Its calendar feature lets you see the tasks of each day you assign to your team members. 

Although, the plugin is also packed with a Project manager that lets you see your to-do list with a quick view. It includes the time, project name, assigned deadline, assigned team members, project progress, etc. 

The built-in performance tracker generates advanced performance reports of each member of your team. It also offers you a built-in time tracking tool that gets your team to finish all the projects within the assigned time. 

Key Features

  • Interactive Task Calendar
  • Control Team Capacities & Member Roles
  • Recurring Task
  • Time Tracker
  • Overview Dashboard
  • Task Priority Management
  • Advanced Reports with Deep Insights
  • Kanban Board
  • In-Project Discussion

Available Versions & Prices: The Pro Version starts from $79/year for a single website. 

Task Manager Pro

Task Manager Pro is another premium full-fledged task management plugin to manage your task, project, and tickets efficiently. 

Task Manager Pro lets you create your to-dos with required descriptions. With its advanced user management, you can assign tasks to a particular user. In other words, it allows you to control user roles. 

Since you have complete control, you can assign your tasks and projects to any user and group you create using the plugin. 

Your users can change their task status into done or doing the project. They can even change the task progress using a pie chart or bar chart. The more efficient way to do that using the task board functionality. 

The task board of this WordPress Productivity plugin lets you add cards and create new boards for particular users. You can move cards according to your needs and add the required time to finish the project with its time tracking feature. 

There’s also the option to see all the tasks in the list view for a quick view of the overall progress of all of your projects. You can also import and export6 all your tasks only by clicking the import/export buttons. 

Key Features

  • Task Board
  • Complete Solution for Task, Project, & Ticket Management
  • User Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Task/Project User Update Notification
  • Assign Tasks or Projects to Any User or Group
  • Shortcode Support to Show Projects on Any Page or Posts

Available Versions & Prices: Get the premium version for $20 for a single website.   

Dashboard To-Do List

Keep a track of all of your tasks easily using Dashboard To-Do List. It lets you create a to-do list within the Admin Dashboard. 

This WordPress Productivity plugin lets you keep your project list in one place that is particularly specific to your website or projects. 

It also offers you to display the to-do list as a floating widget on the front-end of your website. But the list will be visible only to the logged-in administrators. 

It’s a free straightforward WordPress productivity plugin that requires your activation from the plugin directory to write your to-do list from the Admin dashboard. 

Key Features

  • Create To-do Lists Instantly
  • Display To-do Lists As A Floating Widget
  • Adjust the Visibility of the Floating Widget Using Checkbox
  • Create To-Do List from Admin Panel
  • Straightforward & Lightweight Plugin

Available Versions & Prices: Free Version


That’s all for today’s list. Hope this post has been able to help you get familiar with the best WordPress Productivity Plugins. 

We always recommend our users try the free plugins first than trying the premium plugins. Let us know what do you think about these plugins in the comment section. 

Do share the post on your social media with your friends and family if you’ve liked the post. 

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