7+ Best Audio Player Plugins for WordPress (Free & Paid)

If you’re planning to start a podcast, sell audio tracks, or just share audio, you will need an audio player for your WordPress site.

While you can use the default WordPress media manager to add audio files, you cannot use advanced features like playlists, customizations, etc.

To make things easier for you, we have hand-picked the 8 best WordPress audio player plugins that let you have more options like customizations, selling audio tracks, setting customized play buttons, showing audio podcasts, and much more.


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Now let’s check the plugins and what they are capable of.

MP3 Music Player by Sonaar

If you want to add a music player using a plugin without using the shortcode, the MP3 Music Player by Sonaar is the perfect solution for you.

This plugin allows you to add the music player using Elementor page builder and Gutenberg block editor.

It’s a simplified audio player plugin for WordPress that provides you the ability to add unlimited playlists, albums, and audio tracks to any post you want.

Furthermore, you can decorate your music player using the waveform bar beneath any audio player, powered by WaveSurefer.js.

It’s customizable and comes with tons of handy features, and its design and UX are super professional. 

No XML, JSON, or FTP is needed to upload your audio tracks, as you can directly add your media files through WordPress’s default media library manager.

You can even add Buy Now, or Download Now buttons if your files are downloadable and can add social icons for each track. 

Key Features

  • Elementor Page Builder compatible
  • Gutenberg Block Editor support
  • Customizable audio player layout
  • Add “Buy Now” & “Download Now” buttons
  • Real-time analytics
  • Sticky footer player & Persistent player

Price: Since this audio player plugin for WordPress is only available on the Premium version, you need to buy the plugin for $49/year for a single site.

Compact WP Audio Player

WP Audio Player is one of the best and most easy-to-use WordPress audio player plugins.

You can add your .mp3 and .ogg files, and what’s more astonishing is that the embedded file will support every smart device. Even you will find autoplay and loop options to make the player play the audio automatically as soon as your page loads.

It will also replay your file automatically and does not take up much space on the screen. To embed your audio files on your pages and posts, all you need to do is place the shortcode provided by the plugin.

As this audio player WordPress plugin is HTML5 compatible, the audio tracks you embed with this plugin will support iOS devices. It also supports all major browsers.

The audio player is ultra-responsive and lets you show your customer a preview if you want to sell audio files from your site. 

Key Features

  • Compact audio player
  • HTML 5 compatible
  • 100% responsive design
  • Shortcode support
  • Identifies mp3 and Ogg audio format
  • It can be used for podcasts

Price: Since it is a free audio player plugin for WordPress, you can download it for free from the WordPress repository.

Fusebox Pro

Next, we have Fusebox, one of the best interactive, vivid, and attractive media players on the market.

Since the audio player plugin is best for advanced users, it is available only in the pro version. 

This plugin’s media module includes all the components you need, from a search bar to an email list button.

It has a built-in email capture functionality through which you can send the newsletter to your listeners. It also comes with social sharing buttons to quickly share your podcast. 

This plugin also includes audio speed control and skipping buttons to help out your listeners. Moreover, you can add download buttons and customize its color and all of your podcast artwork.

Fusebox is indeed one of the best choices for podcasters. 

Key Features

  • Integrates easily with almost every podcasting tool
  • Integrates with email marketing tools
  • Offers customizable CTA buttons
  • Pop-out playback control
  • Social sharing options
  • Dark & Light theme support
  • Audio playback and speed control

Price: Get the Fusebox Pro for $19/month for a single website.


PowerPress is free yet robust enough that it features lots of options for both beginners and pro podcasters.

The plugin offers some useful tools that let you make a subscription page with shortcode and sidebar widgets. Plus, you are getting SEO features to get a better ranking on SERP.

As this audio player plugin is the best for advanced podcasters, it offers you tons of modifications. It supports both Google and Apple podcasts and lets you add a podcast feed to your website. 

The plugin also offers you podcast importing and migration. You can easily import your podcast from SoundCloud, Libsyn, etc. Through the use of shortcodes, you can embed your player and playlist into your posts and pages.

Moreover, it helps you separate podcasts by category or media format. Therefore, you can use multiple podcast feeds on one website.

Key Features

  • Shortcode support
  • Subscriber tools integration
  • Podcast importing and migration
  • Multiple podcast feeds on one website
  • Includes both audio and video players
  • Integrated media players
  • Playlist and player shortcode

Price: You can easily download the plugin for free.


As the name suggests, AudioIgniter lets you ignite your podcasts and attract your listeners to come back to your website with its rich functionalities.

The plugin lets you stream your radio. Plus, it provides you with an awesome-looking MP3 player for your website. You can easily embed your music playlists on your posts, pages, and custom post types using shortcodes.

It’s a simple plugin that enables you to add unlimited playlists and choose auto-looping on or off functions.

It comes with both a free and a pro version. The free version lets you enjoy choosing the player type, setting the starting volume, and modifying the track listing height and the player’s width.

Moreover, you can display track numbers, and track covers, show tracks in reverse order, and much more. 

You can customize its design the way you want and support every modern device screen as it is 100% responsive.

To modify the player’s color, audio playback rate, and stip tracks, you have to upgrade to their pro version. What’s even more interesting is that you can use this plugin with WooCommerce to sell tracks individually. 

Key Features

  • Elementor & Gutenberg compatible
  • Supports both audio and radio streaming
  • Shortcode support for embedding playlists and player
  • Create an unlimited playlist and use unlimited tracks
  • Responsive layout
  • Show or hide the track’s cover, artist name, track listing, etc.
  • Full or Simple audio player mode
  • Bulk upload functionality (Premium)
  • Lyrics per track (Premium)
  • Customize the colors through the Customizer (Premium)

Price: Download and enjoy the free version from the WordPress repository. For the premium version, you have to pay $34/year for unlimited websites.


Reorder your tracks with an easy drag-and-drop interface, with the help of Cue. The plugin integrates smoothly with WordPress to upload your tracks and images directly from WordPress’s media manager. 

What is more impressive is that it automatically gets the title, artist, and length from an audio file’s metadata if available. It is entirely responsive and promises to work on any device that supports your audio format.

You can change the player’s background image and even use custom artwork for each particular track. 

The pro version of Cue lets you see insights into how your visitors interact with your audio track. Even it lets you set the purchase and download link for each track. 

The pro version also offers cool stunning themes to give your player a new look. Besides, the audio player is also responsive and supports all device and audio formats.

Key Features

  • Create unlimited playlist
  • Shortcode & widget support
  • Drag & Drop interface to reorder tracks
  • Fetches title, artist, and length from the metadata automatically
  • Custom artwork usage for each track
  • 100% responsive layout
  • Purchase and download links for each track (Pro)
  • Insights into how visitors interact with your audio (Pro)
  • Popup functionality (Pro)

Price: The free version of Cue is accessible from the WordPress repository. The pro version costs $49/year for a single site.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting is one of the most downloaded audio plugins that promises to provide you more control over your audio content so that you can begin podcasting without any limits.

Its hard-working developer team is dedicated to keeping the plugin free for everyone. It will cost you money only when you desire to host your audio files with the dedicated podcast hosting servers.

Each feature of the plugin is fully functional, no matter which server you choose as your podcast hosting provider.

It is one of the best compact plugins that provides minimal settings and uses WordPress’s media manager. 

With powerful shortcodes and widgets, you can show your podcast playlist anywhere you want on your site.

Moreover, you are enabled to run multiple podcasts, each with its own RSS feed. On top of that, you can add your audio’s cover image, title, description, and other components to the audio player.

Key Features

  • Embedded media player customization
  • Manage multiple podcasts from the same site
  • Manage RSS feed from WordPress
  • Custom widget and shortcode support
  • Publish podcast episodes on any post type
  • Supports video podcasting
  • Free analytics add-ons & integrations
  • Fully integrated with Castos Podcast hosting

Price: Enjoy this audio player plugin for WordPress for free.

Elementor Audio Player

JetElements Audio Player is one of the top Elementor add-ons. Freely add music tracks to any page and style following your needs.

This audio player plugin will be a handy tool for podcasters to add audio to their websites simply. 

JetElements supports MP3 format and allows self-host audio or embedding from external sources.

Customize the audio to not stop with the Loop toggling. You can add a progress bar, current time, duration volume bar, etc. Furthermore, don’t distract your audience by automatically playing audio; select the mute feature to allow users to turn on audio when they want.

Key Features

  • Customizable audio player
  • Supports MP3 format
  • Perfect for podcasters
  • Styling options available 

Price: JetElements costs $43 per website yearly and $88 for unlimited websites yearly. Also, you can get JetElements with a Crocoblock subscription; pricing starts from $199 per year to $999 lifetime.

CM Tooltip Glossary

Finally, we have arrived at our last WordPress audio plugin, which is slightly different from the rest of the above plugins but dedicated to providing you with more.

That is the CM Tooltips using which you can create a fluid responsive glossary index and aid you in showing a tooltip that contains more information when a user hovers over a specific term. 

Not only that, but it also lets you add audio and video files with its pro version. You can easily attach your audio files and customize the play button and player by adding custom CSS.

Using the pro version, You can directly embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other video-sharing websites and show them in your tooltip.

Moreover, you can add an HTML5 audio player inside the tooltip. This plugin supports .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav files for audio.

You can easily embed audio from audio-sharing websites simply by adding the link or uploading the file through WordPress’s default add media button. 

Therefore, you can use this plugin as a tooltip and for adding audio on your website. 

Key Features

  • Audio & Video tooltips (Pro)
  • Supports almost all popular audio formats (Pro)
  • Add audio from audio-sharing websites (Pro)
  • Upload audio files using WordPress’s default media manager (Pro)
  • Can embed videos from video-sharing sites (Pro)
  • Customize the player elements using custom CSS (Pro)
  • Tooltip glossary widgets
  • Automatically generates a Glossary index of terms
  • Several filters to optimize the Tooltip window 

Price: The free version of this audio player plugin for WordPress does not allow you to add videos and audio for tooltip content. Therefore you have to purchase the pro version. The price of the pro version starts from $36/year for a single site.


By this time, we hope that we have helped you choose the right WordPress audio player plugin that suits your needs. 

If you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to ask us via comment. And if you’ve found the post useful, please consider sharing the plugin from your favorite social media site.

We have lots of other posts regarding WordPress plugins; who knows, that might be something you are looking for.

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