Best 7 Free WordPress Author Box Plugins

Best Free WordPress Author Box Plugins

Want to make your website’s authors shine since they are the real stars for your website? Get the best WordPress author box plugins and help them become the real star for your site.  

Through an author box, you can highlight the credentials, author’s qualifications, and other additional information that establishes the author’s expertise. The author box also makes the post looks more reliable and trustworthy. 

Since people like to connect with various people and want to learn more about others, this plugin will create a bridge to make your user feel more connected to your author and make them return to the site more often. 

Today, we have enlisted the best 7 Free WordPress Author Box Plugins that will let you create incredible author boxes in your posts and pages. An author box plugin helps your visitors notice the person behind your website’s excellent articles. 

Want to learn about them in detail? Keep reading the post. 

Best 7 Free WordPress Author Box Plugins

Simple Author Box

Today, we will start the list with the Simple Author Box that lets you add a responsive author box at the bottom of your posts and shows the author gravatar, author bio, author’s social media links within social media icons, etc. 

Though it’s a simple author box plugin yet, it lets you customize the background colors, fonts, style, author gravatar style, etc., from the plugins settings page. The interesting fact is that it inserts the author box into your posts automatically after activating the plugin. 

The premium version lets you do even more. The premium version offers you to add shadow effects to your social media icons, change the color palette, hover effects on gravatar, author box position on the page, etc. 

Top Features

  • RTL & AMT support
  • Option to manually insert the author box
  • Automatically adds author posts at the end
  • Highly customizable to match your theme
  • Display gravatar, name, website, social media icons, bio, etc.
  • Color schemes (Premium)
  • Enable guest authors and co-authors (Premium)
  • Post type support (Premium)
  • Author box position (Premium)

Price: The core version is downloadable from the WordPress repository. The premium version will cost you $39 for a single website. 

PublishPress Authors

If you want premium features such as multiple authors or co-authors, guest authors for free, try PublishPress Authors. It enables you to show various authors and gues authors at the end of a post. 

Upon successfully activating the plugin, you will see the author box getting inserted automatically after each post. However, you can show the author box using widgets and shortcodes. 

One interesting fact about the plugin is that it comes with a dedicated Gutenberg block and lets you insert an author box using the block. If you own a busy site that needs to manage and give credit to all your writes, the multiple author feature comes in handy. 

Now let’s see what you can add in the author box. In the author box, you can add the author’s name, avatar, bio, links, etc. This plugin comes with five layout options to display the author profiles on your website. 

The pro version offers you more advanced features like custom layouts for author profiles, custom fields, access control for the admin area, remove PublishPress ads, etc. 

Top Features

  • Multiple authors
  • Guest authors
  • Custom avatar for each author
  • Basic fields
  • Widget & shortcode support
  • Dedicated Gutenberg support 
  • Various layouts for author profiles (Pro)
  • Access control for the admin area (Pro)
  • Custom fields for author profiles (Pro)
  • Custom layouts for author profiles (Pro)

Price: The free version costs you no money and is downloadable from the WordPress repository. The pro version will cost you $69 for a single site.  

WP Post Author

WP Post Author is another best free WordPress Author box plugin that comes with three different widgets for a post’s author. 

The author box provided by the plugin lt you add title, set content alignment, set profile picture shape, short-bio, etc. You can customize the author box further by adding a custom CSS. 

Like the Simple Author Box, this plugin also lets you add social media icons with the author’s social media address. You can also add an email address along with their website if they have any. You can show the author box using both shortcodes and widgets.

The plugin is beginner-friendly and is easy to configure. Therefore you will not need any coding knowledge. The author box created using the plugin is mobile responsive and will support any modern display size. 

Top Features

  • Author’s role
  • Adjust author box alignment
  • Profile image layout
  • Social media links
  • Custom CSS support
  • 100% Responsive author box
  • Shortcode & widget support
  • Three different post author widgets

Price: This plugin is open-source; therefore, download the plugin for free

Molongui Authorship

Molongui Authorship is one of the best advanced feature-rich WordPress author box plugins that you can get for free. Like the PublishPress authors, this plugin also offers co-authors and guest authors features for free. 

The plugin is entirely customizable and lets you customize the layouts, style, position, alignment, avatar, background color, size, and typography. What’s more interesting is that it also provides you a live preview in the WordPress customizer when making a responsive author box. 

It offers you more than 90+ social icons to let you choose your desired social media links. This plugin also adds schema markup, which makes your author box more SEO-friendly. 

The plugin provides an Edit Strings feature that lets you customize or translate standard text displayed on the box. You can also define the number of authors when adding co-authors. 

For adding images, this plugin allows you to add a custom image and uses gravatar for author profile images. The plugin also offers a premium version which gives you more advanced features like conditional display, custom post type support, Author list, post byline, premium layouts, etc. 

Top features

  • Highly customizable author box
  • Author box layouts
  • Live preview
  • Edit strings
  • Schema markup enabled
  • Co-author & guest author features
  • RTL support
  • Custom post type support (Premium)
  • Shortcodes (Premium)
  • Spam protection (Premium)
  • Conditional display (Premium)

Price: The free version is downloadable for free without spending a single penny. The premium version will cost you $29/year for a single site. 


If you want to show off your authors in more gorgeous ways, you can count on Starbox. Besides, this plugin supports Google Microformats that shows rich snippets in google SERP.

Starbox provides you the freedom to choose the author box’s position at the top or the bottom, anyplace you want. However, you can also let your author decide if they will keep the author box at the bottom or at the top. 

It comes with professionally designed built-in themes and landscaping to make your author box look stunning. You can also add social media icons to add your author’s social media accounts. 

Starbox WordPress author box plugin lets you add an author’s name, position, social media links, short bio, etc., just like a regular plugin does. Still, Starbox enables you to define different themes for different authors to make their author boxes stand out from each other. 

This plugin also provides particular pages for your authors to make them think that they are unique. Even Startbox features a special section that shows the latest posts of a specific author. So allow your author to shine using the plugin. 

Top Features

  • Rich snippets
  • Google authorship
  • Links to the social media profiles
  • Different themes for specific authors
  • A particular section that displays a specific author’s latest posts
  • Highly customizable and responsive author box
  • Exclude distinct authors to display within the author box
  • Custom image
  • Shortcodes & widgets support

Price: Download this incredible WordPress author box plugin for free from the WordPress repository. You can also try the pro version for $39.99, including VAT. 

Booster Extension

Now let’s see our following plugin, one of the best multipurpose plugins, is Booster Extension. This plugin provides you with numerous useful features that you can get only by installing several plugins. 

The plugin features social share counts, Calduclate, and displays read time, Reaction buttons & Facebook emoji, Author box with social profiles, and Like/dislike posts.

With the Social share with share count feature, you can show how many times people have shared your post. Your user can share your content on their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Using the plugin, you can boost your interaction with your audience. Using the Like/Dislike feature, you can do that easily. You can define if you want to show thumbs/thumbs down or Smiley/Frown.

The Author box you create with the plugin is impressive and 100% responsive. Moreover, you can add author name, gravatar, short description, social media links, etc. This plugin supports over 30 social profile fields on the WordPress user profile screen showing the author’s social icons.

Booster Extension is a collection of exclusive handy features. So why install numerous plugins when you can have them all under one umbrella?

Top Features

  • Social share 
  • Share count
  • Calculate and Display Read Time
  • Reaction buttons
  • Feedback emoji
  • Author box with social profile
  • 30 Social profile fields
  • Like/Dislike post

Price: Enjoy this incredible WordPress author box plugin for free

Ultimate Author Box Lite

Last but not least, Ultimate Author Box Lite is another brilliant WordPress author box plugin that is well-known for displaying details author boxes with incredible designs. You can use author boxes using shortcodes in the pages, posts, and custom post types. 

This WordPress author box plugin comes with five stunning templates and excellent custom color schemes for templates. You can also display author images from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or upload custom images. 

The significant part of this plugin is that it enables you to add unlimited tabs to your author box for adding additional content about the author. You can also get ten social icons for the author’s social profile. 

The author boxes created with the plugin are mobile responsive and will support almost every modern screen size. The user interface is also user-friendly and interactive that anyone can use the plugin without any hassle.

Top Features

  • Additional fields for user profile
  • Five stunning templates
  • Custom color schemes for templates
  • Social icons for author social profile
  • Disable author box for specific user roles
  • Unlimited tabs 
  • Author summary in popup
  • 15+ pre-designed templates
  • 20+ social media profiles
  • Two built-in widget

Price: The free version of this WordPress author box plugin is downloadable from the WordPress repository. The premium version will cost you $16 for a single site.  


We hope this article has helped you discover the best WordPress Author box plugins out there in the market and what you can do using them. Do let us know which one you have decided to use for your website. 

If you are still confused about which one you should choose, go for the Top Features section of each plugin again. 

You can also try installing the free plugins before jumping to any premium WordPress author box plugins. After all, all these plugins are best for accomplishing the same job of showing incredible author boxes.

If you have liked the article, consider sharing it on your social media with your friends. Also, let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 

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