10 Best WordPress Comparison Table Plugins (Product & Price)

A comparison table is a proper way to show information in one place and let the consumer gather much information in no time. It also increases engagement and conversion rates.

But it’s a bit tricky to create comparison tables in WordPress if you don’t know how to code.

Though WordPress 5.0 has introduced a built-in Table block in the Gutenberg editor, it’s very basic. You can only add text to the table.

Luckily, there are some WordPress Comparison Table Plugins available out there. By using these plugins, you can add beautiful comparison tables to your WordPress posts or pages.

In this post, I’ll be sharing a list of the best free and premium Product comparison table plugins.

Now let’s see the details of these plugins.

1. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop WordPress table plugin. It’s the only table plugin that comes with a true drag-and-drop interface. You can easily create any type of table using WP Table Builder.

It’s a free plugin. You can download it from WordPress.org.

Currently, it has 7 elements, and more are coming.

  • Text
  • Image
  • List
  • Button
  • Star Rating
  • Custom HTML
  • Shortcode

Using the WP Table Builder plugin is extremely easy. If you are familiar with WordPress page builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect, etc.; you can get started with the plugin right away. The plugin has a similar interface to the page builders.

WP Table Builder Pro Add-On

WP Table Builder also offers a Pro Add-on that takes the builder to the next level and makes table building almost effortless.

The pro add-on comes with 5 additional advanced elements:

  • Circle Rating
  • Icon
  • Ribbon
  • Styled List
  • Icon Text

Another great feature of the Pro add-on is Prebuilt tables. With Prebuilt tables, instead of creating a table from scratch, you can select a prebuilt table and replace the data in the table.

To make it easier for you, you can also save one of your own created tables as a prebuilt table template. This can save tons of time.

Other notable features include – advanced customization options like full column/row duplication, drag & drop ordering of columns/rows, tooltips for list items, padding & margin settings, and more.

2. Tableberg

Tableberg is a specialized WordPress plugin designed for creating comparison tables. It offers an easy-to-use interface, making table creation and customization straightforward.

The plugin allows users to adjust table headers and footers, enabling precise layout control. This feature is particularly useful for product and price comparisons.

Tableberg also includes options for customizing table width and cell padding, adding to its versatility. This flexibility is valuable for displaying different types of comparison data effectively.

Color customization for table headers, footers, and rows enhances the visual appeal of the tables, making them more engaging for website visitors.

Finally, the control over table and inner border sizes and colors allows users to fine-tune the aesthetics, ensuring that the tables align with the overall design of their site.

3. Ninja Tables

If you are looking for a complete solution to add tables to your WordPress site, Ninja Tables is the perfect plugin for you. It allows you to create tables that are responsive, quick to load, and even better to look at.

Regardless of whether you’re displaying product listings, sports stats, or movie reviews, this table plugin does it all flawlessly with its enhanced table styles. This rich collection of styles gives you a solid design foundation.

After picking the most fitting table style, all that is left to do is add content and tailor it to harmonize with your website. The tables support all kinds of content, so there are no limitations to what you present and how. 

It is SEO-friendly and includes the 3 most popular CSS libraries that offer unlimited color schemes. Also, you can import your tables from other plugins like TablePress, or back your tables up into CSV or JSON formats.

Ninja Tables is available in both paid and free versions, both of which will level up your website’s front end. The paid version of this comparison table plugin for WordPress includes additional features like advanced data sorting and provides an option to connect your website’s table to your Google Sheets, which rids you of the hassle of redoing your tables.

4. TablePress

TablePress is the most popular comparison table WordPress plugin, used by more than half a million websites. This ultra-popular plugin is used across countless niches to create and manage beautiful tables. This powerful plugin enables you to add tables anywhere – be it pages, posts, or even text widgets!

The data in the table fields can be altered via spreadsheet-like interfaces and can be sorted, filtered, and paginated using an additional JavaScript library. 

TablePress Extensions enable you to add a multitude of features to your tables, like automatic URL conversion and table row ordering.

You don’t have to take the trouble of recreating your tables for the site, since TablePress enables you to import tables from Excel, CSV, JSON, and even HTML formats. Tables can also be exported, making backing them up super easy.

TablePress is licensed under the GPL (v2) and boasts a thriving support community which makes it exceptionally extensible. This free, feature-rich plugin is in a league of its own.

5. AffiliateX

AffiliateX is the ultimate plugin for creating visually appealing and informative comparison tables. This plugin is designed to help you increase your conversion rates and create lightning-fast affiliate blogs with high Click-Through Rates (CTR).

In addition, the premium version of this product comparison WordPress plugin also offers Versus Line blocks which can be used to compare specifications between two products.

What sets AffiliateX apart from the competition is it offers an array of customization and layout options, allowing you to effortlessly modify the appearance of each block with a live preview. In addition, it doesn’t slow down your website and improves performance.

With its intuitive interface, customizable templates, and live previews, this plugin is a must-have for any affiliate marketer looking to take their business to the next level.

6. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Created by the team at Supsystic, it’s a dedicated pricing table builder plugin that allows you to create colorful pricing tables without any programming skills. It offers some amazing features like preset templates, custom CSS, animation effects, and more.

You can add unlimited rows and columns, a description column, head, and footer rows, and fully customize everything from alignments to colors with just a few clicks.

Also, this product comparison table plugin includes badges for columns and hover animations that give your site a distinct style. Supsystic offers its Pricing Table block for free and also offers a PRO version that includes additional premium templates and role restriction, which gives your site another layer of security.

7. AzonPress

AzonPress is an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that helps build Tables and showcase boxes with staggering ease. 

With their Table-builder, creating and customizing product comparison tables is quick and straightforward. The data for the table is directly pulled from Amazon, which makes the whole creation process convenient.

The table builder features a fully responsive design that offers complete control. With AzonPress, you can create unlimited tables, and the table data is stored in your database. 

This WordPress comparison plugin includes advanced styling options and settings using which tables can be curated to match your site. You can also add a custom Call to Action button, or a buy button to increase click-through rates significantly.

It works seamlessly with Gutenberg, and you can use WordPress’ new editor with confidence to insert any of AzonPress’s amazing showcase boxes, tables, and links.

8. Arena Products Store

Creating a product catalog and categorizing products is effortless with Arena Products Store. Essentially, this all-in-one plugin can single-handedly create an online mart alongside your theme of choice. 

This high-end plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and includes 9 pre-defined color schemes. You can classify your products and create categories, to which you can assign different sets of attributes, groups, and filters.

The plugin has product built-in comparison features, which enable your visitors to compare an unlimited number of the products side by side. 

The comparison table is optimized to be crisp and precise – and each such table is created to mention all the attributes of the products. This makes for a neat and straightforward interface.

Advanced users can completely customize the plugin, thanks to their clean, commented, and easy-to-understand option.

9. Alike – WordPress Custom Post Comparison

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly plugin that makes lively, attractive tables, Alike is your best bet. It gives you complete control over your data and works with every post type.

The plugin features a drag-and-drop comparison model, which makes the whole endeavor facile. It supports other custom widgets and is translation-ready, which makes this plugin very versatile.

You can set any custom taxonomy terms, and factor in custom metadata to build the most dynamic comparison logic. It is one of the best solutions for any directory-listing WordPress site.

They include two different table designs for the comparison table, which can be selected from the plugins’ basic settings panel. You can also set the actual image size you want to be rendered on the page!

10. Essential Add-ons for Elementor

Essential Add-ons is a plugin library for Elementor users featuring 60+ polished and high-quality elements.

All the elements in the library have been optimized to give your site a boost. It features multiple elements focused on enhancing different sections of your site, like social elements and content elements, amongst others.

This plugin breaks down your approach by utilizing two table elements instead of one. Data Table block is utilized when you’re looking to market products by providing a visual, and then highlighting the details.

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When you’re looking to sell a service and offer different packages at different prices, the Pricing table block provides an alluring visual.

Data Table is handy as a comparison table for products with its multifaceted design and striking appearance. The element represents all kinds of products with ease and finesse. 

All the elements in this pack come with prebuilt templates, all of which are completely customizable and offer a ton of styling options.

Essential Add-ons is one of the most resourceful plugins on the list, and it also comes in a free version with limited features.


Tables are perfect tools that convey a lot of information, quickly and concisely. Their simplicity makes it difficult to choose the right plugin to showcase your products since approaches vary broadly across niches.

However, if you have a clear idea about the message you want to convey, then choosing the right plugin becomes easier. Regardless of niche, and what you’re trying to market and sell, the tables are meant to be impactful and moving. 

These plugins cover tables of all kinds, fitting for a vast range of niches, and will undoubtedly make choosing what fits your page best easier.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will get a small commission without any extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Hi ISTIAK,

    I just tried the WP Table Builder in my site after viewed your post, It exactly can make nice look tables, but not compatible with my site layout, now I go back to TablePress.

    Excellent article, thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi. I am very happy with WP Table Builder. Easy to use, intuitive and responsive, which has improved the user experience of my website, especially on smartphones. Until 3 months ago I used Table press, which is fine, but there is no comparison. Regards

  3. This plugin is great. Unlike the Amazon-ready plugins, you can use it to fully customize the tables to match the theme of your website. I love the fact that you can copy the way the Wirecutter does things.

    The only downside is that, it doesn’t provide a way to track prices on Amazon. Such a feature would be a killer.

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