How To Make A Table Responsive

With the introduction of the Gutenberg editor, WordPress comes with a default table block. It’s responsive. But the problem is, it doesn’t look good when you have a lot of columns and rows.

That’s why we built WP Table Builder. It’s a drag and drop WordPress table plugin that lets you create responsive tables in WordPress.

How To Make A WordPress Table Responsive #

Once you’ve created a table, make sure these two settings are enabled –

  1. Make Table Responsive
  2. Top Row As Header

If you are creating a pricing table where each column’s data should be shown in a single column, then keep ‘Top Row As Header’ disabled.

Your table will look like this in mobile devices –

Hope it helps you to create responsive tables in WordPress.

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2 thoughts on “How To Make A Table Responsive”

  1. Hi guys. Awesome table and I love its simplicity. How can I hide the header on mobile devices? I can show you a good example with a link buy my comment may be flagged as spam.
    I can send it via email:
    Thank you so much for making this plugin.

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