How To Create A Table In WordPress (Without Using Plugin)

How to Create A Table in WordPress

Anyone can create a table in WordPress quickly without any help from a plugin. Nowadays, We have become so dependent on plugins that we probably do not bother to look at whether we can accomplish the work without plugins or not. 

There is a proverb that goes like this “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And there are indeed some ways to create tables in WordPress without using any plugins. It is convenient if you do not wish to pay any money on plugins or do it manually.

I will share the two easiest methods on how to create a table in WordPress without any plugin.  

Let’s roll!

Create a Table in WordPress With The Block Editor

The block editor is packed with WordPress comes in handy when you want to add tables manually. Making a table is a piece of cake using the block editor with just a few clicks. You would not even need any coding knowledge. 

First, select the page or post in which you want to add tables. Then press on the “+” button on the left top of the post or page in the editor and search for tables in the search box. 

Now select the Table block. Now you need to set your row and column according to your need and press “Create Table.” Your table will be created automatically afterward. 

Do not forget to press the “Update” or “publish” button after inserting a table. The publish button will appear when you will insert the table in a new post.

Now you have created a table successfully in your post or page without using a plugin. Furthermore, you can easily adjust table alignment using the toolbar of the table block.  

Not only that, but you also can add or remove columns or cells in the table. You can also modify some additional properties that are on the right side of your display. 

Here you can set your desired color, table settings, and can style the table using CSS as well.

This is how your table would look like. Basic yet convenient when you do not wish to use any plugin. 

Adding Tables Using Google Docs

This is another simple way to add Tables in WordPress. First, go to google docs and look for the insert menu in the top menu bar, and select Table.

Now choose your row and column layout, and it is created in your Google docs. 

After creating your desired table in Google docs, you need to select the whole table and press “Ctrl + C” to copy. After copying the table, go to your WordPress visual editor to add the table and press “Ctrl + V” to paste the table. 

Your table is created without any hassle. 


I hope you have got an overview of the whole process of adding or creating a table in WordPress without any plugin. If this post has helped you, do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section below. 

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