How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links In WordPress (Easy Method)

How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links In WordPress

If you want to learn How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress, your search ends here, as we will show you how you can do that by following some easy steps. 

You can add affiliate links in two ways: one is manually, and the other one is through installing a plugin to your WordPress website. 

The first method is the best practice that WordPress and Amazon support. Amazon does not like it and discourages link cloaking. Therefore, we will manually show the first process of How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links. 

We believe that you already have the Amazon Affiliate profile to collect the Amazon Affiliate links for your desired product. But if you don’t have a profile, you should open an account in Amazon Associates

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress Manually

To Add Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress Manually, we have divided the discussion into two parts. The first part will help you understand how to get Amazon Affiliate links for your product. 

The second part will tell you about inserting the product links. 

Get Product Link for Amazon Affiliate (Getting The Image Link for WordPress)

Step 1: After creating an account from Amazon Associate, you must log in to Amazon’s official shopping website, search for the products, and get the links. Remember to use the same id to log in that you’ve opened into Amazon Associates.

The best way to learn if you’ve entered the same id is when you will go to You can see the Amazon Associates SiteStripe Link at the corner of the top of the website. 

Step 2: Type the product name in the search box and select the product you want to get the affiliate link. And select your desired product to get on the product’s landing page. 

Step 3: Select what type of link you want to get for your WordPress website. There are three link options: Text, Image, and Text+ Image. 

For instance, we will select the image option to show the image on our site, and we will keep the image size to medium. 

A different HTML code will be generated in the box below whenever you choose an option. Just copy HTML Code for use on your website. You can also select the image size. 

Get Product Link for Amazon Affiliate (Getting The Text Link for WordPress)

Step 1: Go to Amazon’s official website and search for the product and select the product to get to its landing page.

Step 2: Click the “Text” option at the top left side, and a link will be generated. Now copy the link by pressing “CTRL+C” on your keyboard. You can also customize the link by pressing the short link or full link.

That’s all for getting Text Link. But you must follow the first step of the previous heading, “Get Product Link for Amazon Affiliate (Getting The Image Link for WordPress).”

Add Product Links in WordPress (Adding Image Link in WordPress)

Step 1: To add the Amazon Affiliate Link, you must go to your post, choose the Group Block, and choose your desired layout afterward. If you don’t open the Group Block, your image position might not be correct. 

Step 2: Now insert Custom HTML Block inside the Group Block and Add the Code. 

Step 3: After that, you can update the Post, or you can preview that before publishing. 

And, that’s all the necessary steps you need to follow to add Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress. 

Add Product Links in WordPress (Adding Text Link in WordPress)

But if you want to learn how you can add the Text Link in WordPress, you should check out the process below.

Step 1: Edit the Post where you want to add your product link. Select the text on which you want to attach your affiliate link and press the link icon in the text editor.

Step 2: Now enter the Text Link inside the dialogue box by simply clicking the “CTRL+V” using the keyboard and then, click the submit button. If you want, you can add different attributes to your link. After that, you should click the Publish or Update button at the top right side of your post editor.

And that’s all for adding Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the plugin and learned How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress manually. 

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the post and also if you have any questions in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share the post on your social media and let others know about the process. 

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