5 Best CSS Hero Alternatives For Live Editing Your WordPress Site

Best CSS Hero Alternative WordPress Live Editing Plugins

Most of us don’t prefer to use CSS to modify our site appearance, and we mostly go for web designers. What if I say,  yes, you can do that task without hiring web designers simply by using live editing CSS plugins. 

As we know, customizing a site’s design has never been easy. But you can use the CSS live editor plugin and create a mesmerizing and unique site that reflects your brand image and matches your site’s desired design.

Best CSS Hero Alternatives

There are plenty of CSS editor plugins out there that will help you in customizing your theme. 

For instance, CSS Hero is one of the Premium live WordPress theme editor plugins that let you customize all aspects of your theme. 

Mainly this plugin does this work by using the intuitive point-and-click interface that generally works right on the front end of the site, and the best part is that here you don’t have to touch a line of CSS. 

So, it clearly explains that you don’t have to be any tech expert or coding knowledge to customize the look of your site.

CSS Hero is one of the most reliable and impressive WordPress CSS live editor plugins that are generally designed to let you customize all of your website’s designs.

But, there are plenty of CSS Editor plugins available in the market that will work better than CSS Hero or at least worth opponent of CSS hero. 

Don’t worry. We have done the hard work for you and compiled the list of the best CSS Hero alternative plugins that you can use. Check out the complete list here.


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SiteOrigin CSS


Free & Pro

Post/Page Specific Custom CSS



YellowPencil – Visual CSS Editor





Free & Pro

Simple CSS



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SiteOrigin CSS

SiteOrigin is one of the best and free options available and is an advanced CSS live editor plugin. 

This CSS Hero alternative is generally compatible with all of the WordPress themes, and this one is mainly a feature-rich plugin that offers many tools. You can customize your site without having any coding knowledge.

SiteOrigin CSS editor generally provides Visual Editor that will let you modify styles, colors, site’s measurement, and many more. 

And if you have the manual CSS editing experience and are willing to do more, then SiteOrigin is the excellent option you have as it comes with the dynamic inspector.

For many advanced coders here SiteOrigin plugin generally comes with the powerful CSS editor that has autocompletion for both CSS selectors and attributes. And you can also help in finding the problems in your CSS just before publishing it.

Key Features

  • Powerful Inspector
  • Intuitive Visual Editor
  • Robust CSS Editor
  • Auto CSS Code Completion
  • Documentations
  • Compatible with Any WordPress Themes
  • Best for both Advanced and Beginner Users
  • Premium Addons
  • Flexible-Premium Plans for Users


Free Version | Premium Version starts at $29.

Post/Page Specific Custom CSS

It is a straightforward plugin that lets you add custom CSS codes to specific posts & pages. The plugin is easy to use and beginner-friendly. 

It creates a specific area in the post or page edit field so that you can add your custom CSS codes. Furthermore, it also offers you an additional meta box at the bottom of your text input area on posts & pages. 

Besides, you can also add custom CSS codes on your archive pages too. You can also define if you want to add CSS in multi-page, post, or only in a single page view.

Key Features

  • Simple, straightforward CSS editor
  • Easy to deploy CSS
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Metabox for page/post specific CSS



YellowPencil – Visual CSS Style Editor

YellowPencil is an advanced editor that generally allows you to edit the website design in real-time. Visual CSS Editor will let you customize any page of your site and theme without writing a single line of code.

Using this CSS editor plugin for WordPress, you can easily adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions, and many more things in a row.

YellowPencil editor offers every element to design your site extraordinarily. The plugin has many advanced features such as visual resizing, drag & drop options, measuring tools, background patterns, and many other options.  

The plugin is packed with 300+ background patterns with 50+ motion effects that help you make your site look refreshing and alive. 

Aside from these, it also offers 900+ Google fonts and 100+ modern gradients to make your site look vivid & colorful and match your site’s theme. Plus, the plugin is flexible enough that it supports device specific-edits. 

You can set individual styles for phones, tablets, and desktops. All the designs you make are responsive by nature.  

Key Features:

  • Live Preview
  • Undo / Redo option
  • Auto CSS selectors 
  • Export Stylesheet File
  • CSS3 Filter Effects
  • Live Element Resizing
  • Gradient Generator & 100+ Gradients
  • Visual Margin & Padding Editing
  • Customize Any Page, any Element


Premium Version costs $18.  


With this fantastic CSS editor, you can easily customize the appearance of your WordPress theme or any of the content generated by the plugins. You can easily change and restyle anything suitable with the intuitive and string visual fronted CSS editor. 

Here you can simply customize things like color, background images, fonts, and many more things in a row. Now you can also control your site layouts on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

And here, if you are familiar with coding, you can work faster simply by coding in CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript right above your site preview. 

The best part about this fantastic CSS editor plugin is that it also provides tutorials for beginners. You will also get a preview option that automatically resizes to match the mix/min conditions of your media queries.

This theme generally integrates with any themes and plugins. With their ‘double-click-to-edit’ feature, you can easily restyle any WordPress themes and plugins. 

No pre-configuration is required to integrate it with other plugins and themes. Now you can quickly check the live preview, and here you can see your edits appears on your screen as you apply them.

Key Features

  • Can Style Anything of A Website
  • CSS, JS, & Sass Code Editor
  • HTML & CSS Inspection
  • Custom Toolbar Layouts
  • Color Picker with Palettes
  • 150+ CSS Properties
  • Minifies CSS Code
  • Customizable Breakpoints
  • CSS Grid & Flexbox (Pro)
  • Stock SVG Mask Images (Pro)


Free Version | Pro version starts at $49.

Simple CSS

Simple CSS fulfills your requirement of adding some custom CSS to your site. It’s a straightforward plugin that offers you an excellent admin editor and a live preview editor in the customizer to add CSS. 

The plugin has the flexibility to add custom CSS to specific posts and pages since it adds a meta box. It is a simple yet powerful CSS Hero alternative plugin that lets you override your site’s default CSS. 

Furthermore, it offers two editor themes to match your website. It provides both light and dark themes. Simple CSS adds a complete CSS editor in your WordPress backend to support syntax highlighting. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight, Yet Robust Live CSS Editor
  • Full-Featured Admin CSS Editor
  • Dark & Light Editor Themes
  • Full CSS Customization with Live Preview
  • Metabox for Adding Custom CSS to Specific Pages & Posts


Free Version.


Now we have ended up with the best CSS Editor plugins options available. All of these CSS editor plugins mentioned above are fully functional and will let you customize your site in a super-easy way. 

We recommend SiteOrigin and Visual CSS editor, as they have plenty of unique and advanced features.

Just choose a plugin that suits your purpose well and meets your requirements. But the more you understand to use CSS editor, the more creative and unique designs you will come up with.

Feel free to share which CSS editor plugin you use to customize your site in the comment section. 

We always appreciate your love and support, do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

We also have a section below related to these WordPress plugins below. Feel free to check them out. 

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