7 Best Editor Plugins For WordPress (Pro & Free)

Best Editor Plugins For WordPress

One of the best things about WordPress is its easy-to-use editor. With the 5.0 update, WordPress has introduced a new editor called the Block Editor. It’s a true WYSIWYG editor.

But when it comes to getting more things done, the default editor is not enough. For example, you can create a basic table using the editor. But can you make advanced tables? Well, the answer is no.

There are many limitations in the default editor. To get the most out of WordPress, you can consider using an editor plugin. There are a handful number of WordPress editor plugins that can assist you to do more than the default editor and let you add more functionalities.

Now let’s see what they are, their abilities, and what they are best at. 





Ultimate Blocks

Block Editor


Shortcodes Ultimate

Classic Editor

Free & Pro

Advanced Editor Tools

Block/Classic Editor

Free & Pro


Page Builder

Pro ($89/year)


Page Builder

Free & Pro

CSS Hero

Theme Editor

Pro ($29/year)

WP Table Builder

Table Editor

Free & Pro

Powered By WP Table Builder

Ultimate Blocks

First of all, we will talk about Ultimate Blocks, one of the best Gutenberg Block Editor plugins for WordPress. 

If you’ve been using Gutenberg Editor for a long time and feel the need to extend its functionality without installing several plugins, try Ultimate Blocks. It provides you functionalities of several blocks under one hood. 

So far, the plugin comes with 18+ blocks right now and is robust enough to make your content look fantastic and engaging. The plugin is best for bloggers and has every possible block to develop the blog post more incredible. 

Let’s take a look at some of the popular blocks the plugin has to offer below. 

Styled List Block is one of the useful blocks that make your bullet list look marvelous. Using the block, you can add different icons for your bullet list. You can even customize them so that your visitor never overlooks your highlighted bullet points. 

You can customize icon color & size, icon & text alignment, space between icon and text, etc. Besides, you can add custom CSS to match the bullet list to your heart’s desire. 

If we talk about another popular block of the plugin, that would be the Content Toggle. The Content Toggle Block allows you to add content in accordions. You can create multi-level or multi-nested accordions using the block and customize them. 

CTA is another impressive block that Ultimate Blocks has to offer. It lets you add a clean and straightforward call-to-action box on your pages and posts to keep your reader engaged and drive to your desired landing page. 

You can add your offers, sales promotions, blog post updates within the box, and finally, add the customized button to convert your visitor to your customer. 

There are more popular blocks that the plugin offers to extend the functionality of the Gutenberg Block editor. Feel free to check them out here

Top Features

  • Lightweight yet robust multipurpose plugin
  • FAQ Schema options
  • Highly customizable blocks
  • Custom CSS support
  • 18+ incredible blocks 
  • Modular plugin & Blocks manager
  • SEO friendly
  • Gutenberg-ready

Price: Good news is that you are getting all those fantastic blocks for free. Download this incredible Gutenberg block editor plugin for WordPress for free.  

Shortcodes Ultimate

Why make your site slower by installing too many plugins when you can create various webpage elements by installing only one plugin. You can do that easily by installing Shortcodes Ultimate, one of the best Classic editor plugins for WordPress. 

It is still the best Classic Editor plugin for wordpress if you still use the Classic Editor other than Gutenberg Block editor. Besides, it supports the Gutenberg Block editor too. 

Using the plugin, just write the shortcodes of your desired web page elements or insert the shortcode on your page.

Though this is a freemium plugin, it has an extensive collection of 50+ shortcodes that enables you to create tabs, buttons, lightboxes, carousel sliders, etc. All the elements you create with the plugin are mobile responsive. 

The exciting part of the plugin is that it supports custom CSS and provides you a CSS editor, from which you can easily modify the shortcode’s design.

We already know that fewer plugins installed on a website mean better performance. Since you can add so many elements to your website’s pages without installing so many plugins, your website will be in top performance and will be faster. 

Top Features

  • Gutenberg Block editor compatible
  • 50+ shortcodes for webpage elements
  • Custom CSS editor for better customization
  • Translation ready 
  • RTL support
  • Modern responsive design
  • 1-click shortcode insertion with live preview
  • 15+ extra shortcodes (Premium)
  • Additional 60+ skins (Premium)
  • Shortcode creator (Premium)

Price: Get the free version from the WordPress repository for free. This Editor Plugin for WordPress provides you the best offer: Add-ons Bundle that features extra shortcodes, additional skins, and shortcode creators, all add-ons in one place, and costs $59 for a lifetime for a single website. If you wish, you can buy those add-ons individually too. 

Advanced Editor Tools

We all know that this is the era of Gutenberg Block Editor. But if you are still not ready to switch to the block editor and use the old Classic Paragraph block just like the old times, you should take a look at the Advanced Editor Tools. 

Advanced Editor Tools, previously known as TinyMCE Advanced, lets you use the old Classic Paragraph block in the Gutenberg Block editor. It also ensures you use the advantages you can get from Gutenberg blocks.

Moreover, you can insert lists and tables inside the classic block without using Gutenberg tables block and list block, adjust typography, etc. This plugin simply gives you a second change using the classic editor after updating to Gutenberg. 

Top Features

  • Classic paragraph block
  • Set the Classic paragraph block as default in the block editor
  • Create and edit tables
  • Search and replace option
  • Typography customization
  • Supports converting most blocks to classic paragraphs to default blocks
  • More options when inserting lists

Price: Download this Classic editor plugin for WordPress for free


Next, we have Divi, one of the best page builders that lets you create powerful, professionally designed websites with their drag & drop page builder. It provides you with the fastest and easiest ways to create great websites. 

This editor plugin for WordPress can help you make stunning websites, including landing pages and all other webpage sections and elements, by dragging and dropping all the necessary elements.

It comes with 40+ content modules that help you create your desired website. Some of its significant website content modules are CTA, Sliders, Blogs, Galleries, Testimonials, Forms, etc. 

On top of that, you do not need coding to build and edit your pages since it provides settings with live previews. You can design your page from scratch, and the plugin offers you complete control over the layout and design of the page. 

But if you are not that expert at creating a beautiful webpage, you can simply choose pre-designed templates that come with Divi. It is enriched with 800+ templates for building different kinds of websites and 100+ pre-made websites.

The incredible part of the plugin is its design framework that provides you complete control. It enables you to tweak, blend, manage, and edit every aspect of your site’s most delicate details. All the designs are responsive by default.

So don’t just make websites; make them stunning and powerful using Divi. 

Top Features

  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Real-time visual editing
  • Custom CSS control
  • Robust design options
  • Responsive editing
  • Inline text editing
  • Numerous content modules
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Save & Manage your designs

Price: Since Divi is a premium solution, you have to buy this premium page editor plugin for WordPress for $89/year for unlimited websites. You will also get access to their other premium plugins like Extra, Bloom & Monarch. 


Next, we have another most downloaded freemium page builder, Elementor, that allows you to create incredible websites efficiently and quickly by their drag & drop page features. 

Like the Divi, Elementor also enables you to create professional web pages effortlessly in no time since you do not have to write a single line of code. Plus, it shows you the changes immediately you are making visually in real-time.

It is packed with tons of widgets so that you never feel missing out on a single element when creating web page sections. It comes with 40+ free widgets and 100+ page templates, and 300+ blocks. 

You can add testimonial blocks, services blocks, CTA buttons, and many more using those ready-made blocks. Therefore, you do not have to be an expert, just import those templates and get your website ready instantly. 

Some of its best widgets are Divider, Image Carousel, Accordion, Toggle, Tabs, CTA, popup, Icon list, Counter, Icon box, Star rating, etc. 

What’s more remarkable is that all the templates and every page section you create are mobile responsive and enable you to set up every section for tab, desktop, and mobile view individually. You get to decide which page elements you want to show or hide for individual devices.

This page editor plugin for WordPress supports pages, posts, and custom post types. It also offers RTL and multilingual support. Above all, it holds every possible element to create web pages visually from scratch with a live editor. 

Top Features

  • Live drag & drop editor
  • Design navigator
  • 300+ designer-made templates
  • In-line editing
  • Responsive editing
  • Popup builder  (Premium)
  • Theme builder (Premium)
  • WooCommerce builder (Premium)
  • Revision history
  • Custom CSS (Premium)
  • RTL & Multilingual compatible
  • Motion effects (Premium)

Price: Get the free version of this ultimate page editor plugin for WordPress without spending a single penny. To access the premium features, you have to buy Elementor Pro for $49/year for a single site. 

CSS Hero

If you want the best frontend editing theme editor plugin for WordPress, Try CSS Hero, the premium solution for customizing the theme without writing a single code.

It’s an ultimate front-end editing WordPress CSS editor plugin that lets you modify your site’s layout, color adjustment, typography, etc., anything your site’s style-related without writing any code.

From header to footer, you can edit every aspect of your theme. It also lets you add stunning images from Unsplash since it is integrated with Unsplash. Moreover, the plugin is packed with 29 built-in layouts, ready-made styles, and theme skins to choose from for your site. 

The exciting part of the plugin is it will not let you write wrong CSS codes since it comes with the intelligent CSSLing engine that continuously checks your CSS codes. 

While writing advanced CSS codes, you can also comment, add extra media queries, save and export your code, etc. Again, it keeps all the changes that you made when working. Therefore, you can always go back to the previous changes.

Top Features

  • Add responsive designs for particular devices
  • Adjust theme layouts
  • Font style & typography modification
  • Unsplash integration
  • Save checkpoints
  • Ultimate control while inspecting
  • Save and export your code
  • On-scroll animations
  • Visual front-end CSS editing

Price:  Since CSS Hero is a premium-only plugin, it does not provide any free version. Get this premium WordPress CSS editor plugin for $29/year for a single site.  

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag & drop WordPress table plugin. It’s the only table editor plugin for WordPress that comes with a true drag and drop interface. You can easily create any type of table using WP Table Builder.

The best part of the plugin is it offers you a free version to try out first before trying the pro version. Currently, it has seven elements, and more are coming. Those seven free elements are Text, Image, List, Button, Star Rating, Custom HTML, and Shortcode. 

Using the WP Table Builder plugin is extremely easy. If you are familiar with WordPress page builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect, etc., you can get started with the plugin right away. The plugin has a similar interface like the page builders.

WP Table Builder also offers a Pro Add-on that takes the builder to the next level and makes table building almost effortless. Pro add-on comes with five additional advanced elements: Circle Rating, Icon, Ribbon, Styled List, and Icon text. 

Another great feature of the Pro add-on is Prebuilt tables, or you may call them predesigned templates. With Prebuilt tables, you can select a prebuilt table instead of creating a table from scratch and replace the data in the table.

You can also save one of your own created tables as a prebuilt table template to make it easier for you. This can save tons of time.

Other remarkable features include – advanced customization options like complete column/row duplication, drag & drop ordering of columns/rows, tooltips for list items, padding & margin settings, and more.

Top Features

  • Pre-built table templates (Premium)
  • Responsive table layout
  • Cell management & customization
  • Tooltip
  • Easy Import/Export
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Gutenberg Ready
  • Adding Tables Anywhere Using Shortcodes

Price: You can get the free version of this WordPress Excel Spreadsheet Plugin from the WordPress repository for free. The premium version will cost you $39.99/year for a single site.  


That’s all for today. Though there are some other editor plugins for WordPress, they have reached the peak of popularity right now. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the post. If you do, please consider sharing it on your social media with your friends and family. Do not forget to share your thoughts about the 7 Best Editor Plugins for WordPress in the comment section. 

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