5 Best WordPress News Ticker Plugins (Most are Free)

Best WordPress News Ticker Plugins

If you frequently update new content or products on your website or wish to show hot news on your website, consider using a WordPress news ticker plugin. With the help of the best WordPress news ticker plugins, you can control your ticker timer, customize the title of your news, even you can add custom links too. 

You can add custom news manually, or you can select the sources for importing news automatically. You can add ticker effects & animations if you wish. An animated news ticker can bring life to your site, and adding a news ticker is like the cherry on top but instantly build trust with new visitors. 

Adding a news ticker on your website also makes it stand out from other websites to keep your visitors updated. Plus, this news ticker plugin is best for a news website to showcase the hot trending news. It can be an excellent choice for the WooCommerce websites for showcasing new product information.

Now let’s see the details about the 5 best WordPress news ticker plugins and help you choose the right one for your website. 

5 Best WordPress News Ticker Plugins

Ditty News Ticker

With Ditty News Ticker, you can select scroll, rotate, and list modes to display news on your site. This plugin is a simple solution for adding news tickers through the use of shortcodes. You can even place your news ticker in the widget are too. 

The only hassle of manually entering the news is when you use the free version. However, there are also paid extensions for automatically importing news items from Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, Instagram, etc. This WordPress news ticker plugin features translation ready design with WPML, making it easy to create a multilingual website. 

Top Features

  • WPML ready
  • Multi-functional
  • Paid extensions
  • 3 default ticker modes
  • Import news from other sources

Price: This incredible news ticker plugin is free. But their paid extension bundle will charge you $50/year for a single site. 

Vertical News Scroller

If you wish to display vertical scrolling news on your WordPress site, choose Vertical News Scrollers. It’s the simple and easy WordPress news ticker plugin that lets you manage any number of news. You can add, edit, and delete news too. 

Vertical News Scroller comes with options for displaying text with news or just the news title only. There is also an option to add custom links to the news too. The pro version unlocks various features such as customizing the news title, adding color, set font size, thumbnail image, shortcode support, etc. 

Top Features

  • Custom features for further customization
  • Add unlimited news
  • Responsive admin layout
  • Thumbnail image support (Pro version)
  • RSS Feed (Pro version)
  • Classic and modern style (Pro version)
  • Shortcode support (Pro version)

Price: Like Ditto News Ticker, Vertical News Scroller is also open-source software, therefore gran the plugin for free from the WordPress repository. However, they offer a pro version too. The price of the pro version is $13.13 for a single site for one time only.  

PJ News Ticker

Simplicity is the best. PJ News Ticker is one of the simplest WordPress news ticker plugins that allows you to display news or your most recent post in a marquee style. You can embed the news ticker any place you want using shortcodes. It is also more lightweight than the Ditty News ticker. 

You have the power to edit the color scheme, speed, font size, content, and header. Customize the plugin further if you know CSS. It’s a robust WordPress news ticker plugin that can satisfy your needs with ease. 

Top Features

  • Shortcode support
  • Highly customizable
  • Support custom CSS
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lightweight

Price: This plugin does not feature a premium version. Therefore, download the plugin for free from the WordPress repository.  

Ticker Ultimate

Ticker Ultimate lets you add and display news or your latest posts horizontally or vertically with shortcodes. This plugin supports the Gutenberg post editor. This fantastic WordPress news ticker plugin is compatible with custom post types.

Its customizable shortcode can be adjusted to change the colors or select specific post categories. You can even add a ticker slider effect on your ticker. The premium plugin provides you features like adding custom color, effects & animations, etc. 

Top Features

  • Ticker slider effect
  • Customizable shortcode
  • Custom Color (Pro version)
  • Horizontal and vertical display mode
  • Ticker slider timer
  • Multilingual 
  • Gutenberg block support (pro version)
  • Significant page builder support (pro version)

Price: Download this WordPress news ticker plugin for free from the WordPress repository. To get your hands on more advanced features, grab the pro version for $199 for unlimited sites. You have to pay that money only once. 

Live News

Live news is the best choice for smart design and flexibility. It is robust enough to add items to the ticker from 4 different sources automatically. Besides listing the latest posts, you can also add items from an RSS feed or Twitter feed. 

You can also manually write the titles for featured news. This plugin also comes with 72 customization options, including color-changing options, position, scroll speed, font size, etc. You can even activate or deactivate the ticker plugin to show on different devices. 

Top Features

  • Compatible with RTL and LTR layouts
  • Uses jQuery and AJAX for updating news
  • Four sources of news
  • Highly customizable 
  • Well optimized
  • Multisite ready
  • Multilingual ready

Price: Download this premium WordPress news ticker plugin from Codecanyon for $29.


Now that you have all the details about the best 5 WordPress news ticker plugins, try to use 

whichever from the list. 

Do not forget to tell me which one you liked the most and why in the comment section. I would recommend you to try the free one first from the list. But if you wish to go for maximum customization, go for the Live News. 

But if your only wish is to display the latest news in marquee style on your website, try the PJ News Ticker. 

You can also select the Ditto WordPress News Ticker plugin if you love having paid extensions for various purposes, and Ditto is a multipurpose plugin. Ticker Ultimate and Vertical News Scroller are also impressive. Make sure you go through their top features before choosing one. 

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