8 Best Ways To Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales

Best Ways To Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales

If you own an Amazon Affiliate website, you already know the hassle of creating a website based on a selected niche, social media promotion, writing quality content, etc. 

And you never hesitate to take those hassles to increase your Amazon Affiliate sales. There are several tactics available to help you improve your Amazon Affiliate Sales.

Obviously, not all of them will work for your website. Therefore, we will share today’s eight best ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales. 

Before learning those eight best strategies, you must know about Amazon Affiliate marketing. 

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Affiliate Program, or Amazon Associate Program, is where bloggers and marketers get registered to earn commission by promoting Amazon products. 

Bloggers and marketers also add the referred links on their promotion posts to lead visitors to Amazon’s website to purchase those dedicated products. 

The bloggers and marketers will get only 10% of the money if their referred visitor purchases the product using their referred link. This way, bloggers and affiliate marketers monetize their websites and earn money. 

But earning a small amount of money will get you nowhere. Therefore, you need great strategies to implement and boost your sales so that your money-making engine, your affiliate website, always generates money. 

How Can You Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

The first and foremost thing to be an Amazon Associate is to be registered with them and follow their rules for promoting their affiliate links. 

But joining their program will not get you anywhere as you will need to know how to get the product links, embed them into your blog website, the correct way to add Amazon Affiliate links, etc. And for that reason, check out our blog “How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress”. 

After joining the Amazon Affiliate Associate, having an Amazon Affiliate Website is a must for starting Amazon Affiliate Marketing. 

Also, you must choose the product you want to promote on your website, write blogs about the product, start social media marketing, etc. And if everything goes right, you will start generating money. 

But generating money alone will not do any good as we need a decent amount of money to lead our lives. Therefore, we need the eight best ways to skyrocket your Amazon Affiliate Sales.

Now let’s see those tips and hacks below and start generating lots of money from Amazon Affiliate Websites. 

How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales & Improve Overall Affiliate Marketing? 

Increasing Amazon Affiliate sales requires a combination of effective marketing strategies and optimization techniques. Below are some procedures you can follow to boost your Amazon Affiliate sales. 

1. Choosing the Right Products to Promote

You can promote whatever you want since you can do whatever you like with your website. But, promoting any product will not get you the result you want.

First, you must select a niche product that is not seasonal and has high market demand. Choosing seasonal products has some disadvantages. Some disadvantages are below.

Disadvantages of Choosing Seasonal & Low Demand Products

  • Low Demand Products will Not Get A Good Sale
  • Seasonal Products are Not Recurring Products
  • Low Audience List & Low Traffic
  • Will Have to Wait for the Specific Season to Sell the Product

Your chosen products should be relevant to your website’s content and audience. At the same time, it should have high demand in the market. 

For choosing products, you can use Amazon’s Best Sellers and trending products, as it will help you identify the most popular products online. 

Therefore choosing the right niche or product is the foundation of a successful Amazon Affiliate business. 

Let’s see some of the advantages of choosing the right products below. 

Advantages of Choosing the Right Products

  • Your Website will Always Generate Money
  • Will Not Have to Wait for Certain Periods to Get A Good Sale
  • Will Have Recurring Customer
  • Can Create Several Profitable Business
  • Will Gain the Correct & Numerous Audience
  • You will not have to be worried about Doing Another Business

Research Is a Must for Choosing the Right Product

You can attract a large audience by targeting a specific niche or product. But for that, you must research different niches to understand those products’ profitability, competition level, and target audience size. 

When you are done choosing your niche, you can conduct thorough keyword research to collect the most searched keywords for your niche. These keywords will help you optimize your niche’s content and attract organic traffic from Google Search Engine.

2. Write High-Quality Content

If you are into affiliate marketing or content marketing or own any online business, always remember that content is king to help you get a good ranking on Google Search Engine. 

The more high-quality and SEO-Optimized content, the better ranking you will get on Google. Also, the content should be engaging & informative and add value to the audience.

Remember, content is the backbone of any Affiliate marketing strategy. As an affiliate marketer, you must understand your audience’s demona, challenges, and interests to tailor your content. 

To create high-quality content, you can utilize and write various formats such as blog posts, product reviews, product usage tutorials, video tutorials, etc.

The crucial thing to remember is to incorporate relevant keywords naturally into your content, as keyword optimization improves the visibility of the content in the search engine. 

3. Use Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons Wisely

All affiliate marketers use CTA buttons in their content to encourage visitors to click click through to Amazon and make a purchase. 

Writing the appropriate words in the CTA button helps the audience understand its ability. For instance, you can write “Buy Now,” “Get It On Amazon”, or “Check it out on Amazon”. 

It will help if you make your CTA outstanding and minimal at the same time to grab the attention of your customer right away. To make your CTA buttons unique, check out Ultimate Blocks. 

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg-Only plugin that provides a total of 18+ excellent blocks to enhance the ability of the Gutenberg block editor to create more engaging content.

The CTA Block or Button Block of Ultimate Blocks is highly customizable and offers a minimal look. You can customize its size, width, colors, borders, add icons & hover effects, etc., to match the button with your website’s design. 

The importance of CTA is endless, but you need to use the CTA buttons or buttons wisely. Adding unnecessary or fewer CTA buttons can also ruin the user experience and can be a case of losing conversions.

That is why you must understand where and how to use CTA buttons wisely. We recommend you add CTAs in the beginning, add a few in the middle depending on your content length, and finally add one at the end. 

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4. Use Amazon Native Ads

Next, what you can implement is use Amazon Native Ads. Amazon’s native ads are so easy to implement that anyone can do that without coding knowledge. These ads also can blend in with your content.

But before implementing ads, you need to choose the proper ad format, as there are different ad types, such as custom ads, search ads, recommendation ads, etc. Each of the ad formats serves other purposes. 

The interesting fact about the Amazon ad is that it can generate ads for you automatically and also supports manually selecting a specific product for your ads based on your website’s content. 

You can customize the ad appearance as per your need. You can select different ad layouts, colors, fonts, etc., to match your website. After that, you can place the ads in your relevant blog posts, sidebar widgets, or below product reviews.

You can monitor the overall ad performance using Amazon’s advanced reporting tools, such as CTR, conversion, and earnings. You can also run A/B split tests to compare the performance based on different ad placements. 

5. Leverage The Power of Social Media

If you ask any other affiliate marketer about social media, everyone will tell you that Social Media is the most influential tool to increase Amazon affiliate sales. 

You should use popular social media platforms to promote your content and affiliate links to get good traffic. As people love to spend lots of time on social media, boosting the content and ads on social media platforms is very beneficial. 

You can get tons of traffic from popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, targeting an audience is super easy from social media. 

All you need is to create engaging posts, share valuable information about your Amazon Affiliate product, and increase the interaction on your social media. 

Don’t forget to utilize relevant hashtags, join the ground, and collaborate with influences in your niche to expand your reach if needed. Furthermore, you can also add social share buttons at the end of your posts using Ultimate Blocks’s Social Share button block.

The Social Share Block allows you to add buttons to post them directly on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr.

The Social Share block lets you select the size, shape, social media icon visibility, captions, color, etc.

6. Optimize Your Website for Search Engine 

No matter what you do, if your website is not Google Search Engine optimized, your website will not get a good ranking on Google Search Engine. You can try to adapt different SEO techniques to improve your site’s ranking. 

But that’s a hassle. It is always a wise decision to install an SEO plugin on your website to detect the severe faults of your website and correct them using the plugin. You can try using RankMath or Yoast SEO. 

These SEO plugins help not only your website but also help optimize your content accordingly. An SEO plugin also offers image optimization, keyword optimization, URL optimization, title optimization, and many more. 

These optimizations help your content rank higher in search engine results and deliver tons of traffic to your website. 

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7. Build Email Lists

Building an email list is another crucial strategy for getting traffic and increasing Amazon Affiliate Sales. Email lists help you target your audience, as only those who are interested in your niche product will subscribe to your email list. 

Create email campaigns and send newsletters to your customer regularly to inform them about your niche’s sales and values. 

The newsletter also allows you to offer subscribers exclusive discounts, coupons, or promotional codes. This creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging them to take action and make a purchase. 

Moreover, Email newsletters allow you to provide in-depth product reviews directly to your subscribers’ inboxes. This lets you go into more detail about the product’s features, benefits, and personal experiences. 

Including affiliate links within these reviews makes it convenient for subscribers to purchase if they find the product appealing.

But managing all those works is a lot of work. Therefore, you may use email automation plugins to automatically manage all the hard work. 

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8. Comply with Amazon Affiliate Conditions

Lastly, you must comply with Amazon Affiliate Conditions to maintain your Amazon Affiliate Income. These conditions are designed to ensure a fair and ethical promotion of Amazon products. 

Your Amazon Affiliate niche website should contain only original content. There should not be any plagiarised content. Again the content should have any objectionable, illegal, or offensive materials. 

Moreover, your content should comply with Amazon’s policy, including the direct advertising API license agreement. Another important aspect of promoting Affiliate links is never to cloak them using a third-party plugin. 

There is even more, as you cannot promote Amazon products using unsolicited email marketing or deceptive or misleading methods. You also cannot use your affiliate links for purchases or encourage others to do so.


Building a successful Amazon affiliate business takes time, effort, and patience. Try different strategies to find out what works best for your business and your audience.

That’s all we had to say to help you increase your Amazon Affiliate Sales. Let us know if our guide works for you. Also, you can ask us anything about Amazon Affiliate Sales in the Comment section below. 

Don’t forget to share this post with your fellow Amazon Affiliate marketers and help them grow their earnings using the guideline we’ve shared here.

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