Badge (Pro Element)

Badges in a table are a visual representation of metadata or specific attributes associated with the data in the table.

They serve various use cases and are commonly used to enhance the presentation and understanding of the data. Badges can be used to categorize or classify data based on certain criteria.

You will see the use of Badges in pricing pages most. That is why WP Table Builder presents you with the Badge, another pro element to make your pricing page stand out from others’ pricing pages.

To add the badge element, you need to drag & drop the badge element into the table.

Badge Options

For customizing the Badge, we present you simple customization options too.

Font Size

You can customize the font size of your badge.

Font Color & Secondary Color

Choose any color for your badge that suits your pricing table and your whole website. The Secondary color lets you determine the badge’s background.


The Alignment option helps you determine the position of your badge.


Hope this simple tutorial has helped you understand the Badge element. Feel free to leave your thoughts about the element in the comment section.

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