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Icons can make things visually attractive and eye-catchy. At WP Table Builder, we have icons on two elements – Styled List and Text Icon.

And now the great news is, we have a dedicated ‘Icon’ element as well.

The ‘Icon’ element lets you insert icons anywhere in the table. Just drag and drop it where you want to add it.

Icon Options

In the Icon options, you will get several useful options to modify the icons to meet your criteria.


If you want to change the default icon, you need to click on the icon on the left hand bar and choose your desired icon. You can also use the search box. WP Table Builder has an extensive collection of icons that will surely fulfill your needs. 

Icon Size

Make your icons look smaller or bigger with the help of the Icon Size option. Add or reduce the icons’ size through the Icon size slider or write your icon’s size directly in number. Shape the icon’s size with your requirements. 

Icon Color & Alignment

Paint your icons with your dream color. Select the icon color through the color window or slider. Moreover, you can select icons color with hex code also. Set your icon’s alignment with the Icon alignment option. You will have 3 icon alignment options, and they are the left, right, and center alignment. 


You can set your desired margin and padding to set the layout of your icons. You can separately input your margin and padding values for each direction by merely deactivating the Link values icon. If you want to input the same value of the margin and padding for each direction, simply activate the link value icon. 

By default, the Link value option remains deactivated. One more thing, you can set your margin padding values based on pixels and percentage. 


We hope that this documentation helped you understand the ‘Icon’ element of WP Table Builder. 

If you got any questions for us, don’t forget to ask them through the comment box. 

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