Having call to action buttons on your table is very crucial to increase your conversion rates.

WP Table Builder has a dedicated ‘Button’ element for creating beautiful and conversion optimized buttons to your table.

Let’s see how to add a button in the table.

Just drag the ‘Button’ element and drop where you want to add the button.

Button Options

The ‘Button’ element comes up with a lot options to make buttons look great and optimize for better conversions.

You’ll see 3 tabs (General, Hover, Icon) under button options.

Let’s see each options one by one.


In General tab, you’ll find all the basic options.

Button Size

You can have button in different sizes (S, M, L, XL).

Just select the button size from the left-hand side option.

Here’s an example of different sizes.

Button Color

You can change the button background color by inserting the color code or just simply by selecting the color from the color palette.

Button Text Size

You can increase or decrease the button text size. It will also change the overall size of the button.

Button Link

You can add an URL to your button and tag the link to open in a new tab and as nofollow link.

Button Alignment

You can change the alignment of the button.


From Hover tab, you can change the background and text color of the button for showing users different color when they hover on the button.

You can also change the scale times of the button.


You can add an icon to the button to make the button more attractive. You can change the position and size of the button.


Hope this doc helped you to understand the usage of button in WP Table Builder.

If you have any question regarding this, feel free to ask us via comment.

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  1. Thank you. But. I have Elementor PRO installed, so I don’t want to install popup-maker. And in the table, I need a popup record button. For now, you can only add a link to the page. I cannot edit the table in Elementor..(((

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