Ribbon (Pro)

Do you want to highlight a particular product, service, or anything in a table?

Then use ribbons. A ribbon lets you highlight a row/column in a table.

WP Table Builder has 5 types of ribbons – Rectangle, Bookmark, Corner, Icon, Side.

Let’s see how to add ribbon in WP Table Builder.


In General tab, you can select the ‘Ribbon Type’ and change the ‘Side’ of the ribbon. Now let’s discuss about ribbon types.


The very first ribbon type is ‘Rectangle’. You can position ribbon by changing the values of X and Y Offset. You can move the ribbon to the left and lower by changing offsets.


The second ribbon type is ‘Bookmark’. Here you can change the width, X offset, and Y offset of the ribbon.


The third ribbon is ‘Corner’. Here you can change the side of the ribbon.


The fourth ribbon is ‘Icon’. It lets you add an icon with text. Here you can change icon, side of the ribbon, icon animation, and Y offset.


And the last ribbon type is ‘Side’. Here you can change the side and Y offset of the ribbon.


You can change the text color and font size of every text in the ribbon.


You can also change the background color and border color of the ribbon.


We hope this documentation has helped you. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the Ribbon element of WP Table Builder. 

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