Styled List (Pro)

WP Table Builder has a ‘List’ element on the free version. It’s enough to create simple lists.

But if you want to create attractive and beautiful lists, you will need to have more customization options.

That’s why we have introduced ‘Styled Lists’ element on the WP Table Builder PRO. It lets you add icons on your list and you can customize your list.

Now let’s see you can add add ‘Styled List’ in WP Table Builder.

Adding a Styled List is super easy. Just drag and drop the Styled List element in your table, and that’s it.

Now let’s see what you can accomplish with this pro element of WP Table Builder.

Styled List Options

The ‘Styled List’ is packed with versatile options that will customize the icons and text to the next level within the table.

Icon, Icon Color, & Icon Size

You can change the icon by simply clicking on the default icon. WP Table Builder has a vast collection of icons. You can search for your desired icons by using search box.

You can also change the size and color of the icon.

Font Size & Font Color

You can change the size and color of the text beside the icon.

Space Between Icon and Text

You can increase the space between icon and text.

Space Between Items (Vertically)

You can also change the space between list items.

List Alignment

You can also change the alignment of the list.


Like every element, Styled List has a spacing option. You can learn more about spacing here.


We Hope this doc helped you comprehend the usage of the Styled List element of WP Table Builder in detail. 

Feel free to ask questions through the comment section if you have any. 

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