How To Remove Table Borders

Borders make a table attractive. But sometimes, it’s just the opposite. You may want to get rid of the borders (external or internal) to make it looks good.

WP Table Builder doesn’t add borders when creating a new table by default. But if you somehow enable the borders but don’t know how to get rid of these, here’s a simple tutorial for you.

How To Remove Table Border

Once you are in the WP Table Builder editor, you’ll find the table border option in the ‘Settings’ tab.

If you want to remove the external border, just make it 0 px from the ‘WP Table Builder‘ option.

And to remove the inner border, just disable the ‘Apply inner Border‘ option.

Once you made the changes, click the ‘Save Table‘ button.

What If The Borders Are Still Visible?

Sometimes, the borders can still be visible even if they are disabled.

The main reason is that the theme you use can sometimes override the table styles. In that case, you need to disable theme styles for the table.

You can do that from the ‘Settings’ tab. Just scroll down to ‘STYLES’ and enable the option.

Then make sure to save the table.

Hope this tutorial helped you get rid of borders from your WordPress table. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask us via comment.

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